Deployment Internet Support Center

Military Libraries and Information Centers are treasure troves of information just waiting ot be discovered and shared.  The Deployment Internet Support Center at the Bigss Library and and Information Center at Ft Eustis is one such site. 

The site's purpose is

Provides the accelerated delivery of critical deployment knowledge and transportation training using current and emerging doctrine and resources that address issues affecting the worldwide deployment community; assists US Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers with discrete information needs for curriculums on pre-deployment and theater force projection; contains links to digitized, on-line references in both graphic and text media; provides the  capability to submit information requests and feedback on-line and to receive timely responses and appropriate referrals; collects and provides access to a variety of current and historical resources, including Army transportation operations and  training events.  This includes lessons learned, after action reports, and oral history transcripts concerning selected training exercises and contingency operations for he intended use by military commanders, researchers and staff and students of the Army Transportation School. 

Deployment Internet Support Center