Next Library Buzz–Author Talk on This Book Is Overdue

This-book-is-overdue200_custom Come into Second Life on Tuesday, March 23 to Marilyn Johnson talk about her witty new book, This Book Is Overdue:  How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. This is your opportunity to talk with Marilyn Johnson.   Marilyn explores and explodes the myths of what librarians are really like–whether they are in RL or SL. (She has a whole chapter just on virtual world librarians.)

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 Library Buzz:  Author Talk on This Book Is Overdue 
Presented by Marilyn Johnson

When: March 23, 2010 – 6pm PT/SLT
Where: Info Island Auditorium, Second Life
NOTE: This session is in Second Life, please get a Second Life avatar and the client software here: 

Who are librarians?  What are librarians?  Are they/we necessary in the age of Digitization, its all on the Internet, and the Google Search Box?  Come hear Marilyn discuss her findings on librarians who stand up for patron's privacy rights when confronted by the Patriot Act, write blogs with forthright titles, and go boldly where most patrons fear to tread.
Bio:Marilyn Johnson is the author of two books: This Book Is Overdue! about librarians and archivists in the digital age and The Dead Beat, about the art of obituaries and obituary writers. She is a former editor and staff writer for Life and other magazines, and lives with her family in New York.

" I was on SL actively from fall 2007 to (I think, more or less) spring 2009. Really took a lot of grief from editors (and some readers) for including SL chapter, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
That's where it's happening!"  Her avatar is Marilena Basevi

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