HughesNet and user accounts

I have been on the phone with HughesNet tech support three different times today.  When I logged into, I got access to someone else’s account.  I logged in using the google login via my gmail account.  Some how my gmail address got associated wihth another account. 

I called tech support and got somone on another continent with a very thick accent.  He did not seem very concerned about the privacy issues raised by my accessing an account not my own.   He had me do the usual song and dance where they blame the user’s computer and btowser.  I did the usualclearing the cache, deleting cookies, and such.  It did not matter to him that I had already tried this in Chrome, IE, and Firefox, all with the same results.  He told me to try again later because they were doing maintenance.

I tried again an hour later with the same results.  This time I got someone who actually checked what account was associated with my email address.  It was the account I kept pulling up of someone in West Virginia.  The tech support person then decided to send the problem to advanced tech support.  Two minuteslater he came back on the line and said the problem was corrected and to ry again in a couple of hours.  I have decided to wait until tomorrow to check again.

Those of you using HughesNet need to check your accounts online for the site.  This comes after rebate checks from HughesNet bouncing.  Iwas one of those with that issue.  I was just going online to check if they had credited my account for te rebate amount when I had this problem today.

It is ironic that their online and telephone salesforce is all in the United States while their tech support is all overseas.