First Year as a Special Librarian and Military Librarian

I have now been in my current job for 13 months. This past year has gone extremely fast. I am enjoying my new career and find it very worthwhile and mentally challenging. Working in a military research library is very different from an academic library. I am no longer bombarded with questions such as “Where is the rest room?” The searches I do are very complex and interesting. I am using every skill I picked up in over 29 years of working in libraries. I do collection development, acquisitions, cataloging both original and copy. I show scientists and engineers how to use various electronic resources. I also supervise two library technicians who also work for the same company as I do, Croop-LaFrance. I do marketing and also writing for our newsletter. The newsletter actually gets read by over 200 people each time it comes out. I have also picked up new skills along the way. I am currently teaching myself Sharepoint and we may be moving our intranet web site over to it. I also manage all of our electronic resources and the library management system.

Perhaps the best thing about working as a special librarian and military librarian is the great community of special librarians and military librarians. I joined the Special Libraries Association (SLA) last year and joined the Military Libraries Division (MLD) of SLA and the Upstate NY chapter of SLA (UNYSLA). I actively participate in MLD serving on the web site committee. I have been to several local events sponsored by UNYSLA.

As you may be able to tell, I like my job!!