DTIC Posts House Armed Services Committee Report on DoD Authorization Act FY2014

18 Jun 2013

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) posted the House Armed Services Committee Report 113-102 on H.R. 1960, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014, on the DoD Congressional Budget Data website: [http://www.dtic.mil/congressional_budget/] and DTIC Online Access Controlled: [https://www.dtic.mil].

DTIC performs this service for all Congressional markup activities (House and Senate Armed Services Committees, House and Senate Appropriations Committees, and Authorization and Appropriations Conference Reports), facilitating the timely analysis of Congressional budget decisions. The posted report, available in both PDF and Excel formats, is divided into four parts on the DTIC website: (1) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E); (2) Procurement; (3) Operation and Maintenance; and (4) Personnel.

DTIC posts the reformatted budget data within days of its release on the Library of Congress’ Thomas website. The budget data is thoroughly checked prior to posting, ensuring its accuracy and reliability in the more flexible Excel format.

The DoD Congressional Budget Data website is just one of many DTIC resources available to the DoD RDT&E community, government agencies and DoD contractors. Additional Web-accessible budget products can be found on [https://www.dtic.mil]:

* The Congressional Budget Queries website provides search and analysis tools for Military Service and Defense Agency RDT&E data. The site also includes links to Program Elements (PE Numbers).

* The RDT&E Budget Data website provides funding information on budget cycles (POM, BES, and PBR) by Budget Activity from FY 1990 to the present and by Appropriation from FY 1962. Users may export results to an Excel spreadsheet.

* The Research and Development Descriptive Summaries (RDDS) website furnishes narrative information on RDT&E programs and PE Numbers within the DoD.

DTIC’s mission is “to provide essential technical RDT&E information rapidly, accurately and reliably to support our DoD customers’ needs.” A DoD
Field Activity, DTIC is under the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics and reports to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.

Visit DTIC Online Access Controlled: [https://www.dtic.mil].