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The Most Critical of Economic Needs (Risks): A Quick Look at Cybersecurity and the Electric Grid

C Hébert Jr – The Electricity Journal, 2013

Smart Grids are susceptible to devastating cyber-attacks, and defending against cyber-
threats has become a principal issue among policymakers. Now is the time to consider how
institutions might better coordinate to both prevent and respond to potential attacks. How

Transforming Cybersecurity: Using COBIT 5

Isaca – 2013

About ISACA® With more than 100,000 constituents in 180 countries, ISACA (www. isaca.
org) is a leading global provider of knowledge, certifications, community, advocacy and
education on information systems (IS) assurance and security, enterprise governance and

[PDF] Extending Cybersecurity, Securing Private Internet Infrastructure: The US Einstein Program and its Implications for Internet Governance

A Kuehn

Purpose–This memo addresses US government efforts to ‘securitize’its connections to the
Internet and resulting, potentially restrictive effects on multistakeholder Internet governance.
National security considerations brought forward public policy and technical