DoDTechipedia: New Features are Here!

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is pleased to announce the availability of new enhancements on DoDTechipedia.  We’ve improved the layout and added features to make your collaboration easier.  Here is a quick sample of some of the new features: 

.  Editor  –  The biggest change to DoDTechipedia is in editing content.  The editor is in rich text for more user-friendly formatting that includes pre-built templates, a task list and tables.  

.   Left Navigation Menu – The menu is now collapsible!  You will also find that the links to DTIC’s products, formerly located at the top of the DoDTechipedia page, are now in the left navigation menu under “DTIC Services.”  

.  New Toolbar – The tabs for Edit, Attachments, Import Word Document, History, etc., have been streamlined into a new tool bar located on the top right.  Attachments, Import, History and others can be found in the Tools drop down menu. 


You can review these new features at

[].  If you have any comments or questions, contact [].


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