One week left to register for Joint Cabinet meeting

Just a reminder that delegate and observer registration for the Joint Cabinet meeting is open through Tuesday, July 16.   Please don’t delay.   (We need the 17th to prepare the voting lists and polls.)  You will NOT be able to register on the 17th or 18th. 

Joint Cabinet Meeting:  Completion of Unfinished Business
Thursday, July 18, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.  Eastern time
Registration link:  

Read the background materials:  .    The folder contains both Word and PDF versions, for your convenience.  The call to meeting document includes the meeting procedures.

If you already know you want to speak to the motion, ask for clarification of information, or offer an amendment, please notify  to reserve your 2 minutes.  Delegates who reserve time in advance will be the first to speak when the motion is re-opened for discussion.  Once the reserved speakers are completed the floor open to all delegates.  You may use the question box at any time throughout the meeting to ask to speak – a cabinet officer will be monitoring these requests and you will be recognized in the order received.  Amendments need to be offered in writing – please do this in advance of the meeting so we can prepare the necessary voting polls. 

Remember that the unit president/chair may appoint replacement delegates if the current president/chair or -elect is unable to attend.  For those who may be curious, we have representatives of over 50 units registered already or delegates identified, and 42 observers.  We will need 41 units to achieve/maintain a quorum.   As of this morning, only the following units have NO delegates registered or reported:

Biomedical & Life Sciences
Government Information
Insurance & Employee Benefits
Knowledge Management
Petroleum & Energy Resources
Pharmaceutical & Health Technology

Arabian Gulf
Fairfield County
Hudson Valley
Louisiana/Southern Mississippi
New Jersey
Pacific Northwest
San Diego
Sierra Nevada
Southern California
St. Louis Metro
Tennessee Valley


–Ann Koopman, Division Cabinet Chair