Got Research? Share It at SLA 2014!

The best-kept secrets at SLA Annual Conferences are the contributed paper sessions, which feature SLA members sharing their research and scholarship with their colleagues and peers. At SLA 2013, papers were presented on topics ranging from how to determine the library characteristics that correlate most closely with a parent organization’s profitability to how to identify the premier database in a research-intensive field of study. Ultimately, William Cook’s “Peeking Over Cubicles: An Ethnographic Approach To Knowledge Management,” a case study of using personal observation to conduct a knowledge audit, was honored as the best of the group.

SLA is now accepting proposals for papers to be presented at the 2014 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO, to be held 8-10 June in Vancouver. Paper topics should be related to library science, information management, or other issues pertaining to client service, technology, or administration in special libraries. Paper topics should be relevant to the conference theme, Beyond Borders, and special consideration will be given to topics that address one of the three daily themes: Embedded Information Services, Digital Content and Big Data, and Leadership in the Human Age.

A panel of SLA members will conduct a blind review of the proposals, and the strongest proposals will be selected for development into papers. Proposals will be evaluated on the strength of the ideas, quality of the writing, potential member interest, and relevancy to the conference theme.

Proposed papers must also meet these requirements:

  • At least one author must be a member of SLA.
  • At least one author must commit to presenting the paper at the 2014 Annual Conference.
  • The proposal must be submitted by 6 December 2013.
  • The paper must not have been published in, or submitted to, any other publication or conference planning group.
  • The author (and any co-authors) must sign a copyright assignment form that permits SLA to use the paper in various formats.

Deadlines are as follows:

6 December 2013: Applicants submit their proposals in abstract form. Abstracts should be single-spaced Word documents (or plain text) between 250 and 300 words in length, or roughly one page in 12-point type.

13 January 2014: Applicants are notified of the review panel’s decisions, and those with the strongest proposals are invited to develop them into full papers.

2 May 2014: Authors submit their papers and signed copyright assignment forms.

8-10 June 2014: Authors deliver 15-minute presentations of their papers during 90-minute sessions.

To learn more, read the contributed papers presented at SLA 2013 or contact Stacey Greenwell at

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