Librarians, Databases, and Tech Support

I have noticed which I believe is growing trend among librarians that manage electronic resources, databases, server, or portals. I subscribe to several different lists focused on specific vendors of library services. At least three or four times a week there is a flurry of activity of one librarian asking everyone else if they see a particular issue. Recently, there has been a lot of that type of traffic on the OCLC-Cat list concerning problems with the Connexion desk top client. Some one sees a problem and then asks on the list if others have the same problem. What follows are dozens of messages stating I have that problem or the same number who don’t see the problem. I also see this same behavior on several other lists over the past month or so. While it is a good idea to ask if others see the same issues, here is what I suggest:


Librarians seem reluctant to call the vendor’s tech support desk so what results is sometimes several hours of frustrating traffic with more and more people reporting on what they see. Call the help first and then ask on the email lists if others see the same issues!