DTIC: New R&E Gateway: A Connected DoD = Challenges Solved

DTIC is pleased to announce that the new Research & Engineering (R&E) Gateway will be launched by the end of FY13. This access controlled site for DTIC registered users is designed to provide seamless access to DTIC’s secure suite of DoD-related scientific & technical information.

You will find that the R&E Gateway offers a secure, collaborative environment in which DoD and industry partners (even if separated by geography, time or organization) can access a wide range of information and data. Using the suite of tools found within the Gateway, you can build on past activities and collaborate on current challenges, while avoiding unproductive duplication of effort. By connecting the DoD, these tools can speed the development and delivery of technologies to the Warfighter.

What does the R&E Gateway offer you?

DoDTechSpace – a virtual collaborative environment for the community to engage in dialogue, create content, coordinate on projects and connect with colleagues.

DoDTechipedia – DoD’s S&T wiki, where you can collaborate to build an online encyclopedia of S&T related information and join virtual teams/communities to address technical challenges.

Search – an innovative tool for the discovery of DoD research projects and documents, as well as people, places and content from the DoDTechSpace community.

Analytics – access to S&T funding information, congressional budget data and business information on DoD Labs. Data is displayed in charts and graphs, which users can manipulate and export.

The new R&E Gateway will soon replace DTIC Online Access Controlled (DOAC) and be available at [https://www.dtic.mil]

We encourage you to visit the DoDTechSpace Pilot [https://dodtechspace.dtic.mil/] now to preview and explore the new tools, search, create content, and form groups. Webinars, covering the features and benefits of the R&E Gateway, will be available; watch your inbox for more details. Don’t forget to check out other DTIC sites for announcements about the new R&E Gateway.