Older librarians need not apply?

I have been seeing a notice in more and more job announcements. It is usually written thus:

"Recent and soon-to-be MLS graduates are encouraged to apply"

I have applied for some jobs that included that statement and did not even get an interview. It is beginning to appear to me that many years of experince is used to weed out those of us that are older librarians either unconsciously or deliberately. This is not anything I could ever prove in a court of law. It is just a gut feeling.

It is important to encourage newly minted librarians to apply for jobs. It is also important to not exclude those of us that are older and that love what we are doing, are good at what we do, and have the relevant skills and knowledge. I keep hearing stories in the popular and business press about professionals in various occupations who are over the age of fity not being able to get employment in their professions. Is this also happening in librarianship? I hope not.


3 thoughts on “Older librarians need not apply?”

  1. It sounds like age discrimination. But I think it’s more financial: a newly-minted MLS is not going to have the salary and certainly not the healthcare demands that someone even 10 years older will have.

  2. Age discrimination is alive and well, but you can never prove it. There is always a candidate whose qualifications are more closely aligned with the needs of the position.

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