#SLAtalk: Smörgåsbord! Thursday – 15 August 2013


August’s #SLAtalk will feature four  broad topics important to information professionals today —a veritable smörgåsbord of topics! Share your thoughts or expertise and see what others have to say! Four scrumptious questions await, so go on and indulge in them all!


Thursday, August 15th

  • Session #1: 17:30 UTC (13:30 EDT / 10:30 PDT)
  • Session #2: 23:00 UTC (11:00 New Zealand Standard Time / 09:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Topics to address (15 minutes each):

  1. Metrics: How do you measure success or track the results of your work or initiatives?
  2. Change Management: How do you initiate or respond to change within your organization?
  3. Competitive Intelligence Best Practices: What are your tips or top techniques?
  4. Dream Jobs: What information professional  job would you love to have? Or, what about your current job is a dream job?

In the spirit of organization:

Try to tweet your answers to question 1 during the first 15-minutes of your session, answers to question 2 in the second 15-minutes of your session, and so on. You can take your queue to move on from the @SLAhq handle, which will tweet the appropriate question at the start of each 15-minute interval.

New here?

Check out How to #SLAtalk and the latest #SLAtalk Roundups.

Following the session:

Stay tuned to the SLA Blog where we’ll post a collection of great answers, as well as the link to all the tweets from the session. Notice your tweet being favorited from @SLAhq? You’ll probably be featured in our round-up.