Reading the Last Policeman

On my way into work yesterday, I was listening to NPR on station WAER out of Syracuse, NY. I have been enjoying the NPR series, Crime in the City, which is "A summertime series about fictional detectives and the cities where they live." Yesterday it featured Ben Winters in a report title "Awaiting The Apocalypse In The Quiet Town Of Concord." Winter has written two novels based in Concrod, NH. These are crime novels with a twist I love. The world is going to collide with a large asteroid in a few months. Civilization is starting to breakdown and many pulbic officals including policemen have abandoned their posts. I was intrigued. On my lunch hour I went onto Barnes and Noble and purchased the first novel in the triology, The Last Policeman. I opened it up on the Nook app on my smart phone and read for the rest of my lunch break. After I got home from work last night I read some more. I am on page 99 of 237 pages. It is hard to put this book down. Mixing science fiction with a detective novel is what first drew me in to reading this book. What is going to keep me reading more of his books is the great writing and character development in Ben Winter’s prose. His character are fully developed and out of ordinary life. They are people I am anxious to get to know better. The second book in the series is already out, Countdown City. I will be buying it as soon as I finish The Last Policeman.