DoD Instruction 3200.12 DoD Scientific and Technical Information

DoD Instruction (DoDI) 3200.12, “DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP),” was signed on August 22, 2013, and posted on the DoD Issuances website at: [].  This Instruction cancels and replaces DoD Directive 3200.12, “DoD Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program (STIP),” February 11, 1998. 


DoDI 3200.12 establishes DoD policies and prescribes responsibilities consistent with the national science and technology policy and priorities described in section 6602 of Title 42, United States Code.  The instruction defines requirements and responsibilities to  1) ensure that STI is a key outcome and record of the research and engineering work conducted and  2) that DoD STI is appropriately identified, disseminated, preserved, and accessible to policy makers, the scientific community, and the public within the boundaries of laws, regulations, Executive orders, other requirements, program needs and resources.


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