Retirement of Lee Hadden

This was just posted by Lee on the DMIL list.  Good luck to Lee in his retirement.  He will be missed.

I will be retiring at the end of this month after 27 years as a federal librarian, and after another six years of non-federal librarianship. I have worked in my time in most different types of libraries: corporate libraries; college centers; public libraries; medical libraries and specialized research libraries in the physical sciences, engineering and even in a museum library of natural history.

                It has been a wonderful career, and I have enjoyed working with my many interesting and unique colleagues and library patrons over the years.

                And I find that there are some mixed feelings as I leave. While I am looking forward to a new life in retirement, I am also uncertain about my position as “a former librarian.” I will from now on I’ll simply be known as “Mrs. Hadden’s Mr. Hadden.”

                I do know I will miss you all.


Lee Hadden


R. Lee Hadden

US Army Corps of Engineers

Army Geospatial Center


7701 Telegraph Road

Alexandria, Virginia 22315

TEL: (703) 428-9206