Reviews of Android Apps

I have been very frustrated recently with the reviews I have seen of Android apps. Many are very superficial and nothing but fluff. Many others are bordering on the irrational. The best and most useful reviews are never on Google Play. They tend to be in such publications and websites as ZDNet, Wired, and such sources. Even AndroidPitt is getting to be more about marketing than serious reviews.

I have decided to put my own reviewing skils to the test by reviewing the apps I used every day on my new Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II from Verizon and my Nook Color Tablet from Barnes and Noble. I will base my reveiws on the App Review Checklist written by Nicole Hennig, a user expereince professional librarian. The list is very similar to criteria used to evaluate information and information sources. I will be writing these reviews in my own persoal time and at my own pace.

Stay tuned for the first ones over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to do one a week.