Pre-register now & pass the word! PhillyCodefest 2014

The College of Computing & Informatics is pleased to announce PhillyCodefest 2014 (, a two-day coding competition to transform data into information solutions. The event will take place on Feb. 21-23, 2014 at Drexel’s URBN Center (3501 Market Street). You can pre-register at the link above.

Our focus for the Codefest includes:

a. Health, Hospital and Patient Care

b. Government and Civic Solutions

c. Media and Digital Arts

d. Data Science and Visualization

e. Cybersecurity

f. Hardware Tools

If you have any interest in sponsorship or have contacts in the focus areas, please let us know. We are looking to identify areas where we can engage students, alumni, friends faculty and corporations in opportunities for interaction, as a preliminary to focusing on key problem areas for innovation.

For more information, please call 215.895.2474.

Codefest Committee