The Librarian’s Toolbox: Reopened! — Using Knoodl for Ontology Creation – Sarah Theimer

Using Knoodl for Ontology Creation – Sarah Theimer, SU Library,, metadata librarian.

Ontologies and Knoodl in 30 minutes

Why ontologies are important.

concepts and relationships between concepts within a knowledge domain.

Semantic Web – linked concepts and data.

Ontologies provide a common understanding. Sharing a common understanding of the structure of information is one of the more common goals in developing ontologies.

Ontology software: Ontology

Use Protege documentation.


  1. domain and scope – What is it about? Know your audience. Who are you trying to help?
  2. What concepts need to be included? What questions need to be answered?
  3. Consider reusing existing ontologies. ( Search Linked Open Vocabularies – LOV ; as well.)
  4. Define classes and hierarchy – Classes are concepts. have properties, instances.

Lessons Learned:

  •  Knoodl good for learning.  Use Protege for work related projects
  • Many specific ontologies exist.
  • Need to look at local implementation

My Takeaway:

Ontologies are important.  Use them every day.  Similar to markup languages definitions.