Department of Veterans Affairs FY 2014-2020 Strategic Plan

Department of Veterans Affairs FY 2014-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)
Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

We serve a shrinking, but increasingly diverse, Veteran population. The number and complexity of disability claims continues to increase. Changes in health technologies, health legislation, and health care delivery systems will impact both public and private sector health care models. Technological advances in all disciplines are changing the way we communicate, learn, shop, travel, monitor our health, conduct warfare, and even memorialize the fallen. Our service to Veterans must reflect these changes.

This VA Strategic Plan for FY 2014-2020 builds on our prior (FY 2011-2015) strategic plan. We will continue to significantly transform how we operate as a Department. We will keep the promises we have made to increase access, eliminate the claims backlog, and end Veteran homelessness. In addition, this plan places a stronger emphasis on defining success by Veteran outcomes; enhancing the quality of and access to benefits and services through integration within VA and with our partners; and developing our workforce with the skills, tools, and leadership to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.