Persistence of Books

Don’t give up the books just yet….. And who knew the NEA did such a survey covering books and reading?!?

The Persistence of Books

Most Americans aged 18 or older are book readers, and the percentage who read a book in the past year has not changed over the years despite growing numbers of distractions.

According to a survey by the National Endowment for the Arts, the 54.5 percent of adults who read a book in 2012 was virtually identical to the 54.3 percent of 2008. Book reading varies little by age and exceeds 50 percent in every age group. Books are more popular among women (64 percent read a book in 2012) than men (45 percent). The biggest differences are found by educational attainment. Only 41 percent of adults with no more than a high school diploma read a book in 2012. Among college graduates, the figure was 74 percent.

(The NEA Survey which covers all the arts……..

This report presents results from an initial analysis of the 2012 SPPA (Survey of Public Participation in the Arts.). It contains statistics with demographic insights about U.S. adults’ participation across five modes of art activity: attending; reading books and literature; consuming through electronic media; making and sharing; and learning. Findings are discussed for specific art forms and trend data provided where possible. Also includes links to additional data and resources for researchers. )

Source: American Consumers Newsletter, January 2014