Election for 23rd Congressional District in New York State

Today I got a very well designed political brochure in the mail from Tom Reed for Congress Committee.  The front of this brochure states:

After the worst winter in decades, extreme Ithaca liberal Martha Robertson says her biggest issue as a candidate for Congress is global warming.

This piqued my interest so I flipped it over and read the back.  It quoted Martha Robertson as stating:

In my heart of hearts, the very most important issue is climate change.

This brochure from an extreme Tea Party Republican has helped me decide who I am supporting for Congress in the upcoming election:



Reed is clearly showing his deliberate ignorance about climate change.  Climate change is a fact and this harsh winter is a result of that climate change.  Climate scientists have shown over and over again that there will be more extremes in the weather including colder winters at times and hotter summers.

As NOAA states:

This month [Feb. 2014] marked the 29th consecutive February and 348thconsecutive month (29 years) with a global temperature above the 20th century average. The last below-average global temperature for February and for any month was February 1985.

I am getting tired of the falsehoods and pseudo-science put forth by people like Reed.

I am voting the Democratic ticket in November.  It is the only way for me to go.