CyberCorner: Web Design and Usability #CILDC 1:30 PM – 1:45 PM 4/8/2014

Program description:

Yu-Hui Chen, Bibliographer & Outreach Librarian for Education, University at Albany
Carol Anne Germain, Information Literacy Librarian, University at Albany

This cybertour discusses the changing results from studies of academic library practitioners. The first in 2007 found that user characteristics and learnability were the top two Web usability attributes. The follow-up study in 2011 showed library practitioners’ emphasis on Web usability had changed to interface/design and effectiveness. Get practical strategies and methods on how libraries can address Web usability with mobile and innovative devices, and useful techniques for thoughtful Web design and quality Web usability testing.


define usability: easy and intuitive, ease of navigation

Interfaces changing
Responsive web design
Size by percentage
Native apps vs web apps

Think aloud approach
Testing environment
10 features on mobile site.