D205:Good Not Perfect! #CILDC 4-4:45pm 4/8/2014

Program Description:

Andrew Shuping, Emerging Technologies & Services/Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Mercer University

Shuping discusses how often when we’re working on a project we want that one more piece: that piece of data, that graph, the right wording, and so on, just so that everything will be perfect. But here’s the thing: Perfection can be more harmful than good. It’s a lesson that artists have to learn early on, because that one more thing can destroy everything. And the same is true in the library world. One more thing can delay a project, destroy confidence, and more. Come to this presentation to find out more about when good … is good enough.


Mercer beat Duke

Perfection is the Enemy of Perfection or Perfection is the Enemy of Good

— Holding on to things until its perfect
— Can’t be defined.
— Disclaimer – not to engineers, doctors, lawyers
— Keep confusing perfection with giving 100%
— What happens when we aren’t perfect?
— Michaelangelo’s Piata
— Leonardo Da Vinci
— Content is important not perfection.
Perfection is a myth.
Completion is the ideal.
Book – Good but not great.

Perpetual Beta
Gmail in beta for 8 years.
Be willing to FAIL!!!
Learn from it.

Give back, make things better.
Most importantly, play
Nobody ever learned a lesson from success without some failures.