Free Trials for Upgraded Service and Credit Cards

Every month or so I get an offer that says “Bill, try a free month of LinkedIn Premium Profession​al.” I would be willing to try it except that LinkedIn wants me to give them my credit card information. After the trial is finished, my credit card will be billed unless I go in and cancel the service.

Why should I be required to make such a commitment before trying out a premium service? Why not let me try it without submitting my credit card information and forcing me to opt out?

I will no longer participate in any free trials that require me to provide my credit card information. If your product is good enough and at a good price, then you don’t need to ask me for my credit card in order to participate in a free trial. The only purpose of free trials is to get those of us that forget about the trial period ending until we get the credit card bill.

Why not use the model of many of the apps on Google Play that offer premium services for a certain length of time and then allow you to upgrade if you want? Get with it Linkedin.