SLA 2014 – Lily McGovern

So many sessions so little time! This was a great conference and biggest drawback is not being able to be in two (or more) places at once.

Sunday there were many choices including between 60 Sites in 60 Minutes from the Government Information Division or Everything You Need to Know to Start a Taxonomy from Scratch, The Evolving Information Professional or KM from the Trenches, Facilitation Skills 101 for Librarians or New Roles for Libraries in Research. Yesterday I was forced to choose Finding Those Who Don’t Want to Be Found-Using Social Media or Mapping It:Tips and Tricks in Online Mapping or Technology Tools for Instruction, Choices today included SharePoint, Metadata and Taxonomy Lessons from Experience or Social Media for Everyone and Every Library.

The only session I attended that was filled to overflowing was co-sponsored by our Division – the one on finding people who don’t want to be found. The presenter was a great speaker who uses open, free internet resources to show how easy it is to track down even those people who have tried hard to protect their online privacy. Fascinating AND scary!

Need to dash to help set up for our Division open house. More later!

Your Military Division Chair, Lily McGovern