Internet Tutorials and Information from USAJOBS

Provided by Travis A. Ferrell, MLIS, Chief, Academic Services. Bruce C. Clarke Library. Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I. YouTube Playlists from USAJOBS

A. Applying for Federal Jobs — or

Videos Included in this Playlist

1. Careers at Any Level — or

2. Do I Need to be a United States Citizen to Work for the Federal Government? — or

3. Are All Federal Internships Under the Pathways Programs? — or

4. What Happens to My Resume When It’s Sent to the Hiring Official? — or

5. “Special Federal Hiring Authority for Individuals with Disabilities” — or

6. May I Apply If I’m Close to Completing My Degree — or

7. Do You Need A Degree for a Federal Job? — or

8. Does Military Rank and Grade Qualify Me for a Specific Federal Pay Grade or Level? — or

9. 5 Tips for Communicating Your Qualifications — or

10. What are Special Hiring Authorities? — or


II. Individual YouTube Videos from USAJOBS

B. Finding and Applying for Jobs in the Federal Government —

C. Resume Writing — or

D. Pathways for Students and Recent Graduates: Posting Positions on USAJOBS — or

E. USAJOBS app HD – or

F. USAJOBS App — or


III. Resource Center from USAJOBS

G. Resource Center Main Page — or

H. “What is a saved search and how do I create a saved search?” page — or

I. “Welcome Students and Recent Graduates” page — or

J. “Welcome Veterans” page — or