How to Not be the Next –

The story below has many useful lessons on developing websites and online services in governement agencies

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh as well as an adviser for civic and government-focused businesses. 

Rightfully so, there’s somewhat of a backlash to the newly re-designed that launched today.

The site has never really lived up to its potential, but hopefully this will begin to change now that it has moved beyond past issues and could get support from 18F and U.S. Digital Service.

Nextgov has a short historical overview of the vendor issues related to its storied past,FierceGovernmentIT’s Molly Bernhart Walker has a great post with respect to the release’s impact on businesses who rely on the service as part of their core offerings, as does Washington Free Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington related to the impact on transparency.

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How to Not be the Next –