A101: Super Searcher Tips & Tools – #CILDC

Monday, April 27 2015
10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services, Inc.

This popular annual favorite features our super searcher who continues to surprise and impress with new strategies, techniques, and tips for getting the most out of web research. The host of Searchers Academy (where even more secrets are shared) provides an up-to-the minute and jam-packed-with-valuable-tools-and-tips talk that’s always a hit! Bates tells us she takes 2 days to research this session. Take advantage of her knowledge and gather tips and tools to share with others!

Slides:A101_Bates.pdf (143 KB)  – Username/Password: CIL2015

The most dangerous thing in your pocket is … your phone!!


  • Mobilegeddon – We just survived it.
  • Natural language in Google will improve search results
  • Search word order matters.  Impact of spoken search.

Microsoft Academic for insight

  • Not for final results. 
  • Use to get keywords.

Quick Scan-the–horizon – — instya.com

  • Pre-selects search tools for web,video, news, images, social, etc.
  • Good reminder to look in multiple sources
  • metasearch site of free search engines

Search social media on Google

  • site:facebook.com name

Twitter Search Hacks

  • Look for engagement: min_retweets:n  or   min_faves:n
  • Put in URL :  i.e.. epa.gov”climate change”

Google Trends

  • View change over time.

Digging Deeper in Google, Bing

Look for databases: {topic} database OR “data set”

  • mbates@batesinfo.com
  • Reluctant-entrepreneur.com
  • Batesinfo.com
  • twitter: @mebs
  • LinkedIn/Facebook: maryellenbates