A305: Linked Data & New Cataloging Experience #CILDC

Wednesday, April 29 2015
3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Sharon Q Yang, Associate Professor/Systems Librarian, Moore Library, Rider University
  • Marilyn Quinn, Associate Professor/Fine and Performing Arts Librarian, Rider University

Cataloging with RDA in USMARC is only temporary and transitional. The ultimate solution is BIBFRAME, currently on trial by the Library of Congress and other libraries. A year ago, no one knew what the successor of MARC would be like, but now it has a tangible form. BIBFRAME, an abbreviation of Bibliographic Framework Initiative, is based on linked data and the semantic web technologies. Speakers describe both the technology underneath and user experience with the BIBFRAME and linked data model. They focus on the latest development of BIBFRAME and its flexibility for accommodating community profiles, interconnecting them, and adding value to information by creating new data. They share their experiences and insights with BIBFRAME accompanied by demos that show it as more than a replacement of MARC, since it represents forward-thinking in information and content organization. Hear about semantic web applications in libraries and the future of cataloging.

Dr. Sharon Q Yang – A305_Yang.ppt (3 MB) — Username/Password – CIL2015

Basic Semantic Web Technologies

  • URI
  • RDF in various forms
  • Ontologies

Linked Data

  • BIBFRAME is a library solution to linked data.
  • Isolate library data into smaller pieces called elements.
  • Co-exist with MARC
BIBFRAME will catalog bib data into:
  • RDF triples
  • Data elements
  • Web resources
  • Ready for the web

Need a new kind of catalog?

Get data within reach of search engines.

  • tester of BIBFRAME
  • OCLC – expose worldcat to the world

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