C303: Data-Driven Decision Making #CILDC

C303: Data-Driven Decision Making

Wednesday, April 29 2015
1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Stacy_Bruss500pxStacy Bruss, Reference Librarian, National Institute of Standards and Technology

You may be familiar with using bibliometrics, the quantitative analysis of scholarly literature, to assess the impact of researchers. But have you used it to assess the impact of your collection and to perform evidence-based collection development? Bruss discusses three different studies the NIST Research Library conducts using bibliometrics to make data-driven decisions: an annual collection impact study, a biannual journal collection development study, and a large-scale evaluation of its print journal archives. She discusses the tools used to gather and analyze the data, the decisions made using the results of the bibliometrics studies, and how the library uses the data to demonstrate its impact to stakeholders. Howard University and Swets present their findings from a recent study on metrics to quantify the importance of their resources, measure return on investment, and justify their decisions before budget holders. Learn how you can apply the same methodologies to your decision-making process.

Slides: Stacy Bruss – C303_Bruss.pdf (376 KB) Username/Password:CIL2015  includes link to prezi of presentation.

Presenter: Stacy Bruss, NIST Research Library, stacy.bruss@nist.gov
Presentation link: https://prezi.com/pu-gov6lifdl/