TNW: Meerkat Beats Periscope To Android

The live streaming wars are well underway andMeerkat has today claimed a victory over Twitter’s Periscope app; it’s the first to be available on Android.

Screen Shot 2015 05 01 at 1.32.01 pm 220x393 Meerkat beats Periscope to Android, now available for downloadMeerkat was previously available for Android devices but only via a private beta program. Today’s release means the app is available for all to try out, though it still carries the beta tag.

With the Android app you’re able to stream video to your friends on Twitter, watch other users’ streams and chat with the broadcaster. Unlike Periscope, Meerkat has no ability to save a livestream (but there are third-party apps that can help with that).

If you’ve been itching to livestream everything from your Android phone, you can finally do that with Meerkat from today.

➤ Meerkat [Google Play Store]