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 The Tech Loop: This Could Get Ugly – GovLoop.


Love is in the air. Everybody wants some Silicon Valley love. A week after DoD announced it would open an office in the Valley, the Air Force is now doing the same. The new Air Force cell will complement the Pentagon office there.

Digital Services

This could get ugly. Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Tony Scott recently called federal IT a “contact sport.” He signed off on long-awaited guidelines Thursday boosting the power government CIOs can exercise when it comes to their agencies’ IT budgets. Scott said the guidance isn’t about ramping up CIO authority, as much as it is rationalizing agency processes to accommodate the integral role of technology in government operations.

Big Data

Data in-demand. The possibilities are seemingly endless for data science, DJ Patil, the White House chief data scientist, explained during a speech. Regarding the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recent release of a massive data set, Patil said: “I am convinced we are going to learn so much that we’re going to be able to translate directly into operational impact.” Also, Patil humbly explained how he was able to get to where he is today.

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