Waze, Google, and Customer Service

I use the mobile app Waze for navigation on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone.  It works great with the system in my new car, Chevy Captiva Sport, except for one huge problem, the audio from Waze does not work over Bluetooth.  This is because the Android version of Waze does not have any support for Bluetooth in it.  The IOS version does.  This is a frequent point of discussion on the user support forums for Waze.  The biggest issue is that no one that works for Waze or Google ever responds to questions about the combination of Android, Waze and Bluetooth.  I don’t understand this at all.  Waze is supported by a strong user community that maintains and updates the maps used by Waze.  Every day users of Waze add information while they are driving about construction, road conditions and hazards.  Why can’t Waze tell us what is going on with this particular issue?  Waze employees, are you listening?