IoE from A to Z – GovLoop

“Have you ever heard the rap song “Alphabet Aerobics”? If not, go listen to it now. I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve heard the song, you’re probably wondering what all of those random things the artists mentions have to do with each other. My conclusion is… not much.

CIO of the Federal Communications Commission, Dr. David Bray, agreed that “Alphabet Aerobics” is a great but somewhat random string of alphabetized words. So he improved it.

At yesterday’s DigitalGov Summit, Dr. Bray explained how the Internet of Things is expanding in scope and complexity to become the Internet of Everything. He showed us what the connected world of the future might look like. He also examined how these changes will impact the way government–and everyone else–operates.

And he did all that with his own, more cohesive alphabet aerobics. So without further ado, here’s Dr. Bray’s A-Z explanation of IoE. (You might want to find someone to beatbox as your read.)”


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