Audiobooks I have been “reading”

audiobook-builder-icon-512x512As many of you may know, I have a long commute to and from work.  I have lots of time to listen to a good read.  Here is what I have read recently.  I finished all but one.  The list is from what I am now reading to the oldest read (the most recent twenty).  My very short review is in italics after the citation.  If there is no review, then it was not exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.


  1. Origins : fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution / by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith. – Just took this out.
  2. A time for trumpets : the untold story of the Battle of the Bulge / Charles B. MacDonald. – Just finsihed this.  Excellent.
  3. Tomorrowland : our journey from science fiction to science fact / Steven Kotler
  4. Lafayette in the somewhat United States / Sarah Vowell.  Quite different. Multiple readers with music.  Very enjoyable and even fun.
  5. Valiant ambition : George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution / Nathaniel Philbrick.
  6. But maybe we’re wrong [sound recording] : thinking about the present as if it were the past / Charles Klosterman. Not sure I like this one.  The premise may even be stupid.
  7. Tribe : on homecoming and belonging / by Sebastian Junger. Short read but very interesting and thought provoking.
  8. Red Platoon : a true story of American valor / Clinton Romesha.  Very intense and very troubling at many levels.
  9. Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right / Jane Mayer.  Don’t waste your time. Important message but very repetitive. Boring.
  10. In our own image : savior or destroyer? the history and future of artificial intelligence / George Zarkadakis.
  11. Relentless strike [sound recording] : the secret history of Joint Special Operations Command / Sean Naylor.
  12. Dark matter and the dinosaurs : the astounding interconnectedness of the universe / Lisa Randall.  Very interesting. I didn’t understand all of it but found it worth my time.
  13. How we’ll live on Mars [sound recording] / Stephan Petranek.
  14. Devotion [sound recording] : an epic story of heroism, friendship and sacrifice / Adam Makos.
  15. The geography of genius : a search for the world’s most creative places, from ancient Athens to Silicon Valley / Eric Weiner.
  16. The great bridge [sound recording] / David McCullough.  Excellent story and another worth reading.
  17. Why sh*t happens [sound recording] : the science of a really bad day / Peter J. Bentley.
  18. The Martian : a novel / Andy Weir.  Excellent read. Also read it as an ebook.  Great movie too.
  19. Avenue of spies [sound recording] : a true story of terror, espionage, and one American family’s heroic resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris / Alex Kershaw. One of my favorites. Well told and a must listen.
  20. The grand design [sound recording] / Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow.