#SLA2017: Closing Session


Since Sputnik was launched in 1957, thousands of objects have been propelled into space. Many of these have since been abandoned or have become non-functional, creating “space debris”. The debris can be anything from a small paint chip to a broken-down satellite. Dr. Moriba Jah is an astrodynamicist dedicated to cataloging and tracking these items. He will present his work in this area and provide his unique perspective. The recipient of the John Cotton Dana Award will be recognized at this session.


  • Moriba Jah

    Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Cockrell School of Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

    Keynote Speaker

Scienctia in Absentia

Demand signals from the community

23000  objects.  96% garbage.

Only tracking to 10 to 5 percent.

Confirmation Bias

Need a taxonomy – classification scheme.

Anomaly attribution.

Imprecise modeling increases error in modeling.

Understanding a population: “Tag and Track”

Detection vs Tracking

Data Fusion is key.

Truth vs True: All Sensors Lie!!

You must measure it to know it, you must know it to predict it.