#SLA2017: Managing from the Middle: Balancing People, Projects, and Vision with Confidence


Between visionary library directors and hands-on frontline personnel stand middle managers who must oversee departments, buildings, projects, and employees. Middle managers juggle many hats and must reconcile the conflicting day-to-day needs of library employees, administrators, patrons, facilities staff, and others. This workshop will provide some of the tools you need to survive in this management level and be a leader in your position.


  • Pat Wagner
  • Management consultant/instructional producer, Pattern Research, Inc.Speaker

pat@pattern.com (email her for handout)

Key idea: productivity

  • If the idea is in your head, there is no plan.

Key Idea: Workplace Relations

  • Earn the trust and respect of your stakeholders every day.

Key idea: Priorities

  • Where do you put your attention?  Write things down.

The One-page Project Manager -second edition.

Organizational Map

  • Tasks/ Tactics — where rubber hits the road. Professionals/ technicians– blac and white -literal
  • Supervision (people) / Management (things) — eliciting the best from people. – maintaining stability.
  • Leadership: Change agent who anticipates problems. Bigger picture. Ambiguity tolerance