Aleph500: How we made it our own – Morrisville College

This is a presentation I did in 2003 for the SUNY Librarians Association Annual Conference.



Cataloging eBooks for eReaders in ALEPH

4. Delete the Item and Holdings records created by the OCLC load profile.  This will result in a better display in the web opac.
5.  Add LKR field (as suggested by Pam Flinton and others):

According to ALEPH, subfield a “ANA is a link between bibliographic records of different levels.  When an analytic link is created the system generates UP / DWN           links between the two records and an item link between the source record and the item that corresponds to it (according to vol.,part, year and pages) on the ADM record of the second record.”

Subfield b is the bib record number for the Nook ereader, in ALEPH speak it is the “sysno of the linked document record.”

Subfield l is the XXX01 “library where linked record is located.”

Subfield m is “note regarding an UP (up record) link.”  We used it to describe the eBook as being a Nook edition.

6.  We removed any other 856 fields as we have found most of them to be of no real use in this type of record.  We added our own that points to a page on our website with information on using the Nook as set up here at TC3 ( ).

7. We also added a document type (962 field) of “Nook” as you can see in the screen clip above.  This allow us to have an easy search ( )to pull up all of the Nook eBooks:

If you click on “Availability,” you get this result:

It displays the 5 Nook items we now have in our library.  Three go out for 2 hour loans within the Baker Commons and two go out on 3 week loan to students, faculty, and staff. As you can see, two are already checked out. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.