The Shrinking Reference Collection and the Growing Reference Collection


I have been spending a good bit of the day removing catalog records of several large reference sets from our catalog and from OCLC.  This has included several of the Gale literature sets that have been collecting dust for many years and costing us dearly in updates as well as several sets of old encyclopedias.  I am very happy to see them going away.   We have emptied two whole ranges of shelves in our reference collection.  The space will be used to expand our service desk that houses circulation, course reserve and interlibrary loan.  This will result in better services to our patrons and better working conditions for staff and student workers.


The reference collection has also gotten at least two orders of magnitude larger over the last few months.   This happened as a result of our purchasing new eBooks and eBook collections from Gale Virtual Reference Library, EBSCO eBooks (formerly NetLibrary), ACLS, and eBrary.  We now have access to more than 75 thousand ebook titles via our library catalog.  As we get MARC records loaded, that number will be increasing even more.  Our print collection is around 50 thousand.  Our print reference collection is around 2 thousand titles.

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