Chapter 5a – Libraries



The information in this chapter was collected by surveys sent by electronic mail, fax machine and snail mail.  The initial list of libraries to survey was compiled from many sources.  There is no one definitive listing of collection strengths.  Publications from the Special Libraries Association and the American Libraries Association were helpful.  This list consists only of those libraries that have an online library catalog available via dial up (modem over phone lines) or by way of the internet.



Sources of Information:



American Library Directory.  New York:  Bowker, biennial.


Ash, Lee, William G. Miller, and Barbara J. McQuitty, compilers.

Subject Collections:  A Guide to Special Book Collections and

Subject Emphases as Reported by University, College, Public, and Special Libraries and Museums in the United States and Canada.

6th ed rev.  and enl.  New York:  R.R.  Bowker, 1985.  2 v.


Barron, Billy. UNT’s Accessing On-Line Bibliographic Databases. Denton, TX:University of North Texas, 1991.  [Available via FTP on host (, in directory library]


The College Blue Book. Degrees Offered by College and Subject. 22nd ed. New York:  Macmillan, 1989.  5 vols.


Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers.  Detroit:  Gale Research Inc., annual.


Henige, David.”Epistemological Dead End and Ergonomic Disaster?

The North American Collections Inventory Project.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 13(4) (1987):  209-213.


Henry, Marcia.  Search Sheets for OPACS on the Internet.  Westport, CT:Meckler, 1991.


National Science Foundation Network Service Center. Internet Resource Guide.  Cambridge, MA:  NSF Network Service Center, 1989.

[Available via FTP on host, directory resource-guide, or via e-mail request to]


Nelson, Bonnie R.  A Guide to Published Library Catalogs.  Metuchen, NJ:Scarecrow Press, 1982.


Raeder, Aggi W., and Karen L. Andrews.  “Searching Library Catalogs on  Internet:  A Survey.”  Database Searcher 6, no. 7 (Sept. 1990): 16-31.


St. George, Art and Ron Larsen. Internet-Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases.  Albuquerque, NM:  University of New Mexico, 1991.

[Available by e-mail message “GET LIBRARY PACKAGE” to



Subject directory of special libraries and information centers, 1991.,Gale Research,,Detroit, Mich. :








1. Type one of the following TELNET commands:

TELNET RAM2.HUJI.AC.IL    Union list

TELNET ALEPH.BIU.AC.IL    Allow search of any of the libraries

TELNET BGULIB.BGU.AC.IL   Allow search of any of the libraries

TELNET LIB.HAIFA.AC.IL    Allow search of any of the libraries

TELNET UJI.AC.IL       Unionlist search by author or title only


2. At the USERNAME: prompt, type ALEPH.

3. When asked for terminal type, use 2 for VT100 TELNET or use 5 for TN3270.

4. At the Function Selection menu, choose 2.

To exit:

1. Type STOP.

2. Choose option 1 on the Function selection menu.

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Need special terminal to display arabic or hebrew characters.

B. Easy to use command driven system — Follow the instructions on the screen.

C. SH/ for subject searching takes the user to the nearest term in a list of subject headings. The user then browses and selects from there.

D. This is one of the easiest command driven library OPACs to use.

OPAC  Software:  ALEPH


Collection Name: Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Institutes for Applied Research, Library

Reviewer’s Comments:   Select just this collection by using the command LB/BGU.Word search using WO/agricult? results in 136 hits under agricultural and 218 under agriculture.  Such small results may mean a small collection.


Collection Name:  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, National Library of Agricultural Science

Reviewer’s Comments: This collection can be accessed under LB/AGR to get just this library.  Very large collection.  Too many under W/agricult? to display.  Exceeds the maximum allowed. Good place to start for information about agriculture in the middle east.


Collection Name: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Lowdermilk Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Library.

Contact:  Name:  Devora Levy, Head of Agricultural Dept. Library;  no email address to date.

Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: 15,000 titles.  Note: they are part of the entire Technion OPAC, i.e. you search by subject and get all relevant items held by the Technion in any library; you can choose to see, for each specific title, only the holdings of a particular departmental library.

Reviewer’s Comments:   Physically part of the TECHNION Library. Use LB/TEC for just the TECHNION Library.  Under agriculture as subject, the result was 368 hits.




Tempe, Arizona USA



2. At the destination prompt, enter CARL.

3. Enter 5 for VT100.

4. Press RETURN twice.



1. Phone no. (602) 965-7001 or 7002 or 7003 or 7004 0r 7005

2. SET Communications Software/Modem: Duplex:Full, Data Bits: 8 Parity:NONE, Stop Bits:1, Baud rate: 300, 1200 or 2400.

3. When carrier signal received press RETURN.

Press return 4 times for 2400Baud, 5 times for 1200BAUD, 8 times for 300 BAUD.

4. At “Destination” type Library and then press RETURN.

5. For Terminal Type, press 5 for VT100, or 8 for other and then RETURN.

6. To disconnect: type //exit.

To exit, type //EXIT twice.


Information Screen from OPAC


The General Catalog database of the Online Catalog lists over 96% of the ASU Libraries’ cataloged holdings.  Only partial holdings are listed for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and some other non-Roman language publications. United states federal documents are gradually being added to the General Catalog database, starting with publications from 1976 to the present. This process is expected to take several months, with completion scheduled for spring 1991. Until then, special indexes in Government Documents Service (level 3 Hayden Library) should be used to locate U. S. federal documents.

Most United Nations documents are not listed in the General Catalog. Special indexes are located with this collection in Government  Documents Service (level 3 Hayden Library).

Manuscripts, photographs and other materials in the Arizona Collection (level 4 Hayden Library) or Special Collections (level 2 Hayden Library) are not listed in the General Catalog but have separate indexes or catalogs

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  Easy to search. All CARL systems use the same commands.

B.  Too many screens and menus before you get to the catalog.

C.  Access restricted to some databases and services.  Explore to see many unique services.

OPAC  Software: CARL

Collection Name: Daniel E. Noble Science & Engineering Library

Contact: Name:  Diane B. Rhodes  Position: Life Sciences & Agriculture Librarian


Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: 167 Serial titles, and approximately 16,000 monographic titles in the “S” LC call numbers for Agriculture.

Special Collections:  We have two Special Collections in Noble Library, one

is the Map Collection which collects maps from all over the world. This has significant holdings in Land Use maps of the U.S. and Mexico.  The other special collection is the Solar Energy Collection which specializes in materials on alternative energy sources and includes Solar Greenhouses. Both Collections are available on the Online Catalog as separate databases under SPECIAL COLLECTIONS.

Other:  ASU has a School of Agribusiness and Environmental Resources (SABER) and so is most interested in the business aspects of Agriculture. The materials on trade, marketing, etc. are located in Hayden Library, the main library.  The online catalog contains bibliographic records

for all libraries on campus.

Reviewer’s Comments:

Information from this library is part of the main catalog.  Word search under combined boolean of “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 11,334 titles.  I saw documents listed dating back to the 1850s.

Special Collections:

Searching the Solar Energy Database for word search of “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 475 titles. Searching the Maps database I found all types of maps including agricultural land use.  This worth taking a look at.

Conclusions:  This system is well worth searching because of the ease of use and for finding many possibly unique titles in such areas as desert agriculture and water resources.






Auburn, Alabama



2. Push <TAB> until the cursor is in the APPLICATION field.

3. Type 01.

4. Press <RETURN>.

To exit, hit the Telnet escape key.



(205)844-1926.  Standard:  8-1-N.  Choose TVI950 as terminal type

when asked. At the LOCAL> prompt, type “connect luis”.  Same as

internet:  “STOP” to get out.


OPAC  Software: NOTIS

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  Easy to use system.

B.  Some access to other databases.  Several are restricted to Auburn University community.  These will not be accessible by people dialing in or  coming in over the internet.

C.  Help screens did not provide information on how to truncate.  Some NOTIS systems will provide more and better help screens.


Collection Name: Ralph Brown Draughton Library

Contact: Name: Beth Nicol  e-mail Address:

Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: no idea.

We have collections to support a vet school and programs in forestry, fisheries, animal science department, agriculture, horticulture, plant pathology.  Only the card catalog and ERIC databases are available to users outside of the Auburn University community.


Reviewer’s Comments:

Because the contact did not give information on collection and strengths, I just searched on agriculture as a subject and found 5000 subject entries (these are not titles).  Under agriculture as keyword I found 33,390 title entries.  This type of system is easy to browse by call number.  Doing c=s will take you to the beginning of the main agriculture class.




Provo, Utah USA



Select VT100 for terminal type.

Follow instructions on the screen.

DIALUP ACCESS:  Phone number: 801-378-2090;  Type C <space> Library after connection.

OPAC  Software: NOTIS

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Catalog contains material since 1978.

B. This system also contains access to the ERIC database.  Others may be restricted to BYU community.

C. Check out the other services available via the gateway.

Collection Name: Harold B. Lee Library

Information Screen from library gateway:

BYLINE  (Brigham Young Libraries Information Network)

Description: An online catalog of most titles added to the Lee Library since

1978 and all Law Library books.  All periodicals and reference books are included on BYLINE, as are many government documents and materials in B.Y.U. branch libraries.  BYLINE  provides bibliographic information, call number, location, and circulation status.

Features: Searchable by author, title, subject, or keyword.


Name: Richard Jensen  Position:  Life Sciences Librarian

E-mail Address:

Comments From Contact:

Number of titles related to agriculture: 45,000 book titles plus 1,400 serial titles.  The serials collection includes many of the publication series from the state agricultural experiment station and extension bulletins from the 19 western states.

BYU has an agricultural research station- 300+ acres; crops, dairy (800 cows), beef, swine, & poultry.  We have the Ezra Taft Agriculture and Food Institute which is working with Third World Countries to teach their people self sustainable agriculture.

Reviewer’s Comments:

Search on keyword of “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 21,632 titles.

This opac is very easy to use.   Good place to look for information on agriculture in the western United States and third world countries.



INSTITUTION: Cal Poly State University

San Luis Obispo, California USA



2. Choose 2 for Polycat and follow the instructions on the screen.


Phone 805-756-1000  Parameters 7-1-odd  Baud Rates  1200-2400

Terminal emulation  VT100

1. Login–   CALPOLY

2. type connect library {ENTER}

To exit:

1. Hit CTRL-D.

2. Type x.

OPAC  Software: CLSI

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Uses gopher for first menu which allows access to other services and functions such as Uncover (which may be restricted) and to MELVYL.

Extracted from gopher screens:

The Kennedy Library MUSTANG (Multi User Search Technology And Network Gopher) Server provides an interface to various online library resources available at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  This server is open to any host on the Internet; however, since its primary mission is to serve California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, some resources may be password restricted.

B. Difficult to use compared to other systems.  Uses control characters for commands.  This can cause problems if you use some communications programs that allow you to configure the control characters.  Here are the keys needed:

Control Keys for the Use of POLYCAT

Key               Function         Description

———-         ———–     —————————-

CTRL O           Start Over       Returns you to Welcome Screen.

CTRL Y           Help             Displays help screens.

C                Compose          Enter new search term.

N                Next             Displays next screen.

P                Previous         Displays previous screen.

F                 Full             Displays record in full format.

C                Copy             Displays copy availability.

B                Brief            Displays one line record summary.

S                 Search History   Displays last nine queries.

CTRL W            Browse          Lists category related retrieval.

CTRL K            Keyword         Lists occurrences of search terms

CTRL D            Disconnect      Exit Polycat.


Name: Sharon Fujitani     e-mail:

Comments From Contact:

Holdings: 20,000 titles not including serials.

Strengths: agricultural experiment stations and extension bureaus collection, California state documents, selective depository of U.S. documents (includes agriculture), maps – soil survey, vegetation, water resources, etc.

Other areas of interest:

California State Fairs collection (not in opac), western fairs collection (not in opac), masters theses and senior projects (in opac).

Reviewer’s Comments:

Contains much useful information but because this catalog is difficult to use and because it is difficult to tell from the displays how many items are found for a keyword search,  this system is impossible to analyze.




Chico, California USA



2. Login as LIBCAT.

OPAC Software:  DYNIX

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  Very easy to search.

B.  Menu driven with lots of context sensitive help.

C. Very nice displays.

D. User friendly.

E. Conclusion:  This is one of the best OPAC interfaces I have ever seen.  I would suggest using this simply because of the ease of use.

Reviewer’s Comments:

Searching all categories for “agriculture or agricultural” results in 5,785 titles so it appears that this collection is of good size.




Clemson, South Carolina USA



2. Choose option B on the menu.

3. Push <RETURN>.

To exit, use the TN3270 escape key.

OPAC  Software: NOTIS


General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  This system provides some limited access to other databases.

Select DORIS from the first menu to look at them.  Nothing related to agriculture.

B.  Typical NOTIS catalog.


Collection Name: Robert Muldrow Cooper Library

Reviewer’s Comments:

Doing a keyword search on agriculture retrieves 5,930 titles.




Cleveland, Ohio USA



Follow the instructions on the screen.


OPAC  Software:  DRA

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. This system may be the only large public library on the INTERNET with a large collection related to agriculture.

B. Catalog is easy to use.

C. Command drive with plenty of explanatory screens.


Explanatory screen from Catalog:


The Cleveland Public Library Dial-Up Catalog includes the collections of the 18 libraries of CLEVNET, the periodical holdings of participating Cleveland Area Metropolitan Library System (CAMLS) members, access to other area library catalogs, and access to the General Periodicals Index (INFOTRAC).

NOTE: You must be using VT100 or ANSI terminal emulation to use this program.

The Dial-Up Catalog will be unavailable for maintenance:

Saturdays from 10:00pm until Sunday at 05:00am

Sundays from 6:30pm until Sunday at 07:30pm

Mondays and Thursdays from 2:00am until 5:00am


Collection Name: Science and Technology Department

Did not respond to survey.

Reviewer’s Comments:

A keyword search using truncation of “agricultur?” resulted in 29,251 title records.  This looks like a good place to start looking for information.  This is the only public library system on the INTERNET that I could locate with  a large collection in agriculture.




Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


telnet or  (accesses CARL, Colorado Alliance of

Research Libraries).

Screen asks for terminal id. Selecting 8 should provide proper format for ASCII printing. Press Enter or Return until a menu appears.

select 1. Library Catalogs

select 16. Colorado State University Libraries

DIALUP ACCESS: (Phone number, special communication parameters needed, special login procedures)

The Denver dialup for CARL is (303) 758-1551.   8 bit, 1 stop, no parity, full duplex. The rest is the same as telnet access.


To Exit: telnet escape key


General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  Typical CARL catalog.

B.  Be sure to look at other services available through the CARL system.

C.  Information from news file for Colorado State University:

Information screen from OPAC:



Colorado State University is in the process of loading its catalog records  onto the CARL System.  Currently the CSU Libraries online catalog contains  records for all books received or cataloged from 1977 to the present, and  government documents received or cataloged from 1977 to the present.  All  titles of journals owned by CSU Libraries are also in the online catalog.


Collection Name: Morgan Library

Contact:  Name: Minna Sellers  Position: Biomedical Librarian


Veterinary/ Animal Sciences contact

May Ying Chau  Agriculture/ Plant Sciences contact.

Comments From Contact:

The collection contains approximately 40,000 titles related to agriculture. Our strong areas are animal and veterinary sciences.

Reviewer’s Comments: Using word search for “agricultural or agriculture” results in 19,013 titles.

Using word search for “animal sciences or veterinary” results in 2,884 titles.  Good place to start research about general agriculture but especially animal sciences.





Ithaca, New York USA



2. When userid/password screen appears, press RETURN.

3. When CP READ appears on the screen, type LIBRARY.


Parameters:  BAUD RATE:  1200,2400   PARITY:  even or space or none


Phone: (607) 255-4141, (607) 255-7381, (607) 255-8175.

After connecting, press <ENTER> until you are prompted by a #.

Then type:

call fc00 and press <ENTER>.  Terminal type should be VT100.

After receiving the Cornell banner and logon prompt, type:  library and press <ENTER>.

To exit, type x or stop.

OPAC  Software:  NOTIS

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  The NYS College of Agriculture at Cornell University is my alma mater so my comments here may be slightly shaded.

B.  Cornell University Libraries offer one of the biggest research collections in the world.

C.  Mann Library is the second largest agriculture library in the United States and is  one of the largest agriculture libraries in the world.

D.  Good place to begin any research related to agriculture.

E.  The Cornell University Libraries appear to be behind some other NOTIS libraries in offering other databases through the OPAC.


Collection Name: Albert R. Mann Library

Contact: Reference Desk: Albert R. Mann Library

phone (607)255-5406  email:


Screen from OPAC:

The Albert R. Mann Library serves primarily the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Human Ecology, the Division of Biological Sciences, and the Division of Nutritional Sciences. It collects materials on agriculture, life sciences, and social and behavioral sciences. Some of the specific fields covered are agricultural engineering, animal science, applied economics, beekeeping, biology, biotechnology, botany, environmental sciences, food science, human ecology, child development, natural history, nutrition, plant science, poultry, social services, and zoology.


Comments of Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: 635,286 volumes.

Mann Library has created an electronic library which provides bibliographic, numeric, and full text information to its users in their offices, in campus microcomputer centers, and in the Mann Library building.  Known as the Mann Library Gateway, this electronic library lists, describes, and connects users to electronic resources in its collection.  The collection currently comprises Agricola, BIOSIS, two numeric databases (USDA Crop Estimates and National Resources

Inventory), the Cornell Online Catalog, and RLIN.  This year, Mann plans to add to the Gateway’s collection ABI/Inform, CARL UnCover, Dialog Business Connection, ERIC, General Periodicals Index, and the Dialog Papers file.


Mann Library’s Gateway is available only to members of the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Human Ecology, Division of Biological Sciences, and Division of Nutritional Sciences.  For more information, contact Marty Schlabach, Gateway Coordinator, Mann Library, phone (607)255-7959

or email


Reviewer’s comments:  A key word search on “agricultural or agriculture” retrieved 61,278 title entries.  Mann Library is pioneering many initiatives in the area of electronic information.


Collection Name: Entomology

Contact: Name: Ed Spragg ; Entomology Library Coordinator



Screen from OPAC:

The Comstock Memorial Library of Entomology was established in 1914, when the students of John Henry Comstock created a book fund in his honor. Later Professor Comstock increased the fund by personal contribution and donated his books to the Library.  Although the primary subjects of this library are general and applied  entomology, related areas include parasitology, medical entomology, ecology, zoological nomenclature, and allied orders of arthropods. The library has an extensive number of reprints, a collection of departmental theses, and rare books.

Reviewer’s Comments:  Keyword search on “entomology or insects” retrieves 7,607 title entries.


Collection Name: Flower Veterinary Library

Contact: Name: Susanne K. Whitaker; Director.   607-253-3515


Screen from OPAC:

The Flower Veterinary Library was established in 1897 through an endowment by Roswell P. Flower, then governor of New York State. It contains an internationally recognized selection of materials on veterinary medicine and animal culture. Related strengths include immunology, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacology, physiology, and human medicine. The audiovisual collection is housed in a separate facility known as the Autotutorial Center. These teaching materials are available as video recordings, 35-mm slide sets, and audiotapes. A closed-circuit television system connects the small-animal surgery rooms with the Autotutorial Center.

Reviewer’s Comments:  Keyword search on “veterinary” retrieves 4,919 title entries.




United Kingdom



2. Enter janet at the login prompt.

3. Enter at the hostname prompt.

4. At the Username prompt, enter JANET.

5. Enter 1 as terminal model.

To  exit: type EXIT

OPAC  Software: Libertas

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. This library has not responded to my survey.

B. Connections through JANET may be difficult to get and extremely slow.

C.  LIBERTAS is one of the most easy to use systems around.

Collection Name:  Silsoe College Library

Reviewer’s Comments:   Subject word inquiry on “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 564 words.  Cannot really analyze this collection in the same way as others with keyword because of the nature of the displays that result.




Bentley, WA Australia


2. Enter GUEST at the username prompt.

3. Enter A for VT100 emulation.


To Exit: enter E.

General  Comments From Reviewer:


A. Not available between midnight and 6 a.m. their time.

B. Because of availability, I have not been able to connect to it.





Durham , NC 27706




Phone- 919-681-8822   Parameters  7-1-even  BAUD Rates: 300, 1200

Use Half Duplex setting.  Set “line wrap” on

At CONNECT  Press <enter>


Welcome to Equinox Switch

Select Destination:    Type in library <enter>

DSS::Connected to 15T4-5  Press <enter>

Triangle Research Libraries.


Comments From  Reviewer:

A.  This OPAC contains holdings for the Triangle Research Libraries.

B. To search just Duke University, you must start each command with du <space> and then the command.

C. Only author, title and subject searches are available.

D. Very clumsy to use.


Collection Name: Perkins Library

Reviewer’s Comments:  Impossible to analyze how many entries for the following statement:          du su=botany

The system will only send fifty items at a time so I could not judge how many entries there were.





Zurich, Switzerland


2. At the neter terminal type prompt, enter VT100.

3. Hit RETURN (or ENTER) twice.

4. Choose D for Deutsch (German) F for French interface

To exit, hit the TELNET escape key.


General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.. I have been unable to analyze this catalog since my french and german are limited.

B.  I would strongly suggest looking at this catalog if you are looking for european material.

C.  This catalog covers a large number of libraries listed below:


Contact : Name: R. Noethiger  E-mail address: noet@czeth1b   or    noet@czeth1b.earn

Comments of Contact:

Although an English dialogue is planned, it is unfortunately not yet available.

However there is a guide in English, called “DETAILED MANUAL FOR ON-LINE SEARCHING ANS ORDERING, ETHICS – Handbook with practical examples (including screen sequences)” showing you how to use our catalogue by means of examples. This guide will be mailed to you and should help you to use our catalog more easily.


Although there is no English dialog in ETHICS for the moment, there is an English subject register (thesaurus) containing about 50,000 decimal classification numbers which may be of interest to you.


Up to now the following libraries have their records in ETHICS:

abbreviation    name

ETH-BIB         ETH-Bibliothek  (the Library of the Federal Institute of  Technology in Zurich)

EPF-BC          Bibliotheque centrale de l’EPFL  (the Main Library of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne)

ETH-BAU         Baubibliothek   (the Library of Building)

ETH-GEO         Geologiebibliothek  (the Library of the Institute of Geology)

ETH-FOR         Forstbibliothek  (the Forestry Library)

ETH-KMP         Bibliothek der Institute fuer Kristallographie und Petrographie/Mineralogie und Petrographie  (the Library of the Institutes for  Crystallography and Petrography/Mineralogy  and Petrography)

NTB             Bibliothek des Neu-Technikums Buchs (the Library of the Interstate College of Engineering in Buchs)

PSI             Paul-Scherrer-Institut (EIR/SIN)  (the Paul Scherrer Institute)

ETH-PHY         Physikbibliothek  (the Library of Physics)

WSL             Eidg. Forschungsanstalt fuer Wald,  Schnee und Landschaft (Birmensdorf)

(the Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape)

FAW             Eidg. Forschungsanstalt fuer Obst-,Wein- und Gartenbau (Waedenswil) (the Federal Research Station for Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture)

ISBE            Ingenieurschule Bern (HTL)  (the Institute of Engineering in Berne)

ETH-BWI         Betriebswissenschaftliches Institut  (the Institute of Management and Industrial Engineering of the Federal Institute of  Technology)


Please note that documents published after 1976 have a complete bibliographic description in ETHICS and thus can be found by title element searching, subject searching and alphabetical

searching. However documents published before 1976 can generally only be found by their call number (to be found in microfiche catalogues).






Cambridge, Massachusetts USA



2. Type hollis on the Harvard Univ./Office for Information Technology screen.



2. Press RETURN when Mitek Server screen appears.

3. Type hollis on the Harvard Univ./Office for Information Technology screen.


To exit: If you used TELNET, hit ESCAPE xx.  If you used TN3270, use the TN3270 escape key.

OPAC  Software: Z39.58

Collection Name: Economic Botany Library of Oakes Ames, Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic Botany, Library of the Gray Herbarium, Library of the Arnold Arboretum

Information screen from OPAC:

NAME: Botany Libraries

ADDRESS: 22 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02138

PHONE: 495-2366 (Arnold/Main, Gray, Economic Botany Orchid)   495-2369 (Farlow)

524-1718 (Arnold Arboretum/Horticulture Library/Jamaica Plain)

SHORT DESCRIP: Arnold(Main)/Gray – systematic botany; Farlow – cryptogamic botany; Arnold/Jamaica Plain – horticulture; Orchid – orchids;  Economic Botany – use of plants.

ACCESS: Open to scholars; stacks closed; non-circulating collection.

IN HOLLIS: New Materials have been added to the HOLLIS database since 1979.

Retrospective conversion projects are ongoing in the Ames  Orchid Library and the Economic Botany Library of Oakes Ames.

SUBJECTS: Botany; Economic botany; Floras; Mushrooms; Orchids; Algae; Edible plants; Fungi; Hallucinogenics; Shrubs/Trees; Cryptogams; Ferns; Mosses; Medical botany; Voyages and travel

Contact: Name: Jean Cargill, Ph. D.  Reference Librarian   E-Mail Address:

Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: 250,000 volumes

Special collections:  Archives of the Farlow Library (including Thaxter’s notes from his turn-of-the-century biocontrol experiments; Papers and portraits of plant pathologists, and mycologists).  Archives of the Gray Herbarium (papers and portraits of botanists); Archives of the Arnold Arboretum (horticultural archives, plant portraits, Charles Sargent, Joseph Rock papers).   Also, Rare books including incunabula, early herbals, eighteenth and nineteenth works on farming, husbandry and horticulture.

Reviewer’s Comments: Subject search on “botany” results in 6,790 items  and subject search on “agriculture” results in over 9,999 entries (which is the limit of the catalog).  Very easy to use but hard to analyze.  From the size of the collection and the fact that it is Harvard,  I would state that this is a very good place to locate information.





Ames, Iowa USA



2. At the DIAL prompt, type LIB.

3. At the ENTER TERMINAL TYPE prompt, type VT100.

4. At the MVS welcome screen, type SCHOLAR.

To exit:

1. On the SCHOLAR command line, type STOP.  At the MVS/XA VTAM Services screen type STOP <enter>.  You will be disconnected.


1.  Baud rate:  9600 or 2400 or 1200;  Parity:  none;  Databits:  8;  Stop bits:  1;  Duplex:  Full;  Auto Linefeed:  No ;  Flow control:  Xon/Xoff.

2.  Dial one of these numbers:

515-294-9600            9600 baud

515-294-2400            2400 baud

515-294-1200            1200 baud

3.  Hit <enter>  several times when you get the CONNECT prompt until you get the DIAL prompt.

4.  Proceed as in  steps 2-4 above under INTERNET ACCESS:

To exit properly:

Type STOP and press <enter>.  At the MVS/XA VTAM Services screen type STOP and press <enter>.  You will be disconnected.

OPAC  Software: NOTIS

General  Comments From Reviewer:  Typical NOTIS catalog.

Collection Name:  Parks Library.


Name: William H. Wiese  Position:  Science and Technology Librarian E-mail:  lb$whw@isumvs Subject Specialty:  Agricultural/Life Sciences:  Animal & Biological


Name:  Eleanor Mathews Position: Head, Reference Department  E-mail: lb$erm@isumvs


Name:   Bob Sickles    E-mail: jl$rcs@isumvs

Subject Specialty:   Agriculture/Life Sciences:  Plants & Soils.

Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences:  100,000 titles. Information about collections:  Collect in all areas of agriculture.  Additional special collections include:  Archives of American Agriculture,  Archives of American Veterinary Medicine, and  American Archives of the Factual Film.  Veterinary Medical Library is separate from Parks Library, but its collection is on SCHOLAR.

Reviewer’s Comments:  This catalog includes at least items cataloged since 1978.  A keyword search of “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 17,990 titles.  Iowa State is a land grant university.  From the sheer size of the collection,  this library is a good place to begin research.  The special collections will also be of value to the researcher.




INSTITUTION:Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas USA

To access the KSU catalog:

1. Type TN3270 KSUVM.KSU.EDU.

2. Type LYNX.



2. Select destination as KSUVM.

3. Enter VT100 at terminal type prompt.

4. Type LYNX.

To exit, type QUIT.

OPAC Software: NOTIS


General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Use the TN3270 program to reach KSU.  The telnet does not function properly.

B.  Typical NOTIS catalog except that the news and explain screens are very extensive.

C. Keyword, Boolean and truncation do not appear to be implemented  at all.   These have been available for NOTIS for at least a year or two.   Cornell University implemented them  last year.


Collection Name: Veterinary Medical Library

Fourth Floor, Trotter Hall, 913- 532-6006


News Screen from OPAC:

The Veterinary Medical Library serves the educational, research, and  information needs of students in the professional curriculum, graduate  students, and faculty and staff in the departments of Anatomy & Physiology,  Pathology & Microbiology, Clinical Sciences, KSU-VM Teaching Hospital and  Veterinary Diagnosis.  The collection is accessible to all KSU Libraries’

patrons and serves as a resource for local health care professionals. The library has collections of materials on the human-animal bond, veterinary  practice management, animal nutrition, and collects historical materials,   veterinary medicine German dissertations, and audiovisuals.  A sizable portion of the library materials are related to human medicine and comparative studies.

Reviewer’s Comments:  A subject search on veterinary resulted in 3,213 subject entries.


Collection Name:  Farrell Library (main library)

No news screen available explaining collections in this library.

Reviewer’s Comments:  A subject search on agriculture results in 5000 entries.  Because each title can have several entries,  it is impossible to tell how many titles there are without keyword searching.





Melbourne, Victoria, 3083 Australia



2. At the login prompt, enter catalogue.

To exit, use the Telnet escape key.

OPAC  Software: URICA

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Uses Dewey Decimal System.

B. Unusual OPAC interface.

C. Easy to Use.

Collection Name: Borchardt Library

Contact:  Requested not to be listed as contact.

Comments From Contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences:  8-10,000 titles

(this is VERY, VERY BALL PARK based on subject headings) By the way, our OPAC is based on AWA URICA software, I don’t believe the version we have is still commercially available.

Reviewer’s Comments:  Word search on “agriculture” retrieved the following: 1,622 titles, 2,330 subject headings, 206 series headings.   There appear to be 5000 works under subject headings with the word agriculture in them.




Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada P7B 5E1



2. At the Username prompt, type FACULTY.

To exit, hit the PF1 key.


OPAC  Software:  MultiLis

Opening Screen:

Lakehead University Library uses MultiLIS v10.7 software,   which requires VT220/320 terminal emulation in order to search the catalogue.

Network Users: The following key equivalencies are necessary.

(Assuming an extended keyboard).

PC keyboard       MultiLIS Equivalent

HOME              FIND

PGUP              PREV SCRN

PGDN              NEXT SCRN

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. System is unavailable from 7 am – 9:30 am  their time.

B.  Only author, title, uniform title, series, and subject heading searches are shown in the menu.

C.  Other searches such as (de=) descriptor are available as well as boolean, truncation, and combined searches.


Collection Name: Chancellor Paterson Library


Reviewer’s Comments:  de= agriculture or agricultural results in 925 titles.  de= forest*  results in 1,884 titles (truncated search).





Canterbury, New Zealand



username:  opac

follow instructions on screen.

to logout choose option 14 on main menu


OPAC Software: Dynix

General  Comments From Reviewer: 

A.  Help screens are minmal but useful.

B.  Menu driven system.

C.  Truncation is done using a question mark for any number of characters.

Contact: email:

Comments from contact:  Number of tiles about agriculture:   40,000 books, 5,000 serials.

We are just setting up a gopher system so there may well be other things available in the next six months.

reviewer’S Comments:  A combined keyword search on”agricultur?” resulted in 6,175 titles.





Montreal, Canada


1. Type TN3270 MVS.MCGILL.CA.

2. On the menu, choose option 2 (Muse).

3. Hit RETURN on the CICS screen.

To exit, type OFF.


Parameters:  7 data bits, even parity, full duplex

Set terminal type to one of the following: ADM31, ADM3A, DM1512, DM3045, IBM3101,, IBM3161, TV1912,  TV1925, TV1950R, TV1955, VT100, Vt220, VC404, VC4404.  If using VT100, turn on num lock.

Phone:  204-398-8111

1.  At COnnect message, press <enter>.

2.  At enter class:   type usemuse<enter>

3.  At ENTER TERMINAL TYPE:  typein the terminal type your software is emulating.  Press <enter> twice.

OPAC  Software: NOTIS


General  Comments From Reviewer: 

A. Fully implemented NOTIS catalog.

B. This catalog allows keyword searching  and truncation.


Collection Name:  MacDonald Campus Library

Contact:  Name:  Bruce Grianger  Postion:  Head, Public Services.

Comments from Contact: Number of tiles about agriculture and related sciences:  78,000 titles.  Mian subjects are agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, animal husbandry, entomology, food sciences, microbiology, nutrition, plants,  and soils.  The library collects Quebec governement agricultural publications,  is a selective despository for Canadian federal government publications, and is a full depository for FAO publications.

Reviewer’s Comments:  A keyword search on “agricultur?” (truncated) resulted in 15,446 title entries.





East Lansing, Michigan USA


2. At the VM370 screen, type DIAL MAGIC.

3. At the Terminal Emulator screen, enter VT100.



2. At the Which Host? prompt, enter MAGIC.

3. At the terminal id, enter VT100.

To exit, use the TELNET or TN3270 escape key.

OPAC  Software:  NOTIS

Comments From Reviewer:

A. Full implementation of  NOTIS.

B. Very large collection.  Good place to start searching.

Collection Name: Science Library

Contact: Name: Amy Blair  Position: Agriculture Librarian

E-mail Address: 0676AGB@msu.bitnet

Comments From Contact: Approximately 1 million volumes in total at MSU libraries.  Collection is broad in scope, with major strengths in botany, horticulture, garden history, and turfgrass.  We have a separate Agricultural Economics Library and a separate Landscape Architecture Library.  Volume count is inclusive.  Turfgrass Information Center is located at the MSU Library.  Not part of online catalog.

Reviewer’s Comments:  Key word searches resulted in the following:

agriculture or agricultural —   38,986 titles.

turf? or grass?   —  3,291 titles

veterinar?    —  4,131 titles





Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762 USA


1. At system prompt type:

telnet Libserv.MsState.Edu

2. At CLSN1342 login type:  libserv

3. At password type:   libserv


for 1200 baud, dial: 601-325-2830; for 2400 baud, dial: 601-325-2860

settings:  parity=N, data bits=8, stop bits=1, echo on=N

At the TS1 prompt type:    Libserv

Then follow steps 2 and 3 above.

To exit, choose option 6 on the main menu.

OPAC  Software: CLSI

Screen from OPAC:

The MSU Library’s Online Catalog contains approximately 395,000 records.  The Catalog consists of books, journals, software, mircoforms, sound recordings, visual materials and maps.

Approximately 6,000 serial titles were added to the database in August. This brought the percentage of records in the database to 95 percent of what the library owns.

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A.  Uses combination of control characters and command line.

B.   Easy  to  use after you read the help screens.

C.  Very hard to modify a search.  It is easier to start over.

D.  According to help screens, 95% of all their titles are in the OPAC.

Collection Name:  University Libraries

Contact:  Name: Stephen Cunetto  Position: Systems Supervisor E-mail: shc1@Ra.MsState.Edu


Comments from Contact:  Number of titles about agriculture and related sciences:  100,000  Special collections: Aquaculture

Reviewer’s comments:  A keyword search on “agricultural or agriculture” resulted in 13,685 title entries.  Oldest books in the catalog appear to be in the 1950’s.  A keyword  search on “veterinary or veterinarian” resulted in 2,470 title entries.







Bozeman, Montana 59717-0022 USA



2. At the : prompt, type HELLO MSU.LIBRARY.


To exit, type EX.

OPAC  Software:  Inlex


Information Screen from OPAC:

Catlink is the MSU Libraries online catalog providing access to materials in the Libraries. For magazine, journal or newspaper articles and reports use the electronic databases in the CD-ROM Network or the printed and electronic indexes in the Reference and Documents Reference areas of the library. For current periodical holdings search the periodical title on Catlink e.g. “TI=SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN”




CatLink is unavailable during         Helpful Phone Numbers:

system maintenance:

Mon-Thu   1:00am – 2:00am MDT/MST         For reference questions:   Sun   8:00am – 11:00am MDT/MST         994-3171                                                         For circulation questions:                                           994-3139


Staff cannot troubleshoot your equipment and software problems, but they will be able to tell you if the catalog is temporarily unavailable.




Because of the demand for CatLink, users are asked to limit sessions to one-half hour.  You are welcome to log on again if a line is available.

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. Easy catalog to use.  No keyword or truncation .

B.  Limited to author, title and subject searching.

C.  Command driven system with lots of useful help screens.


Collection  Name:  University Libraries

Contact: Name: Elaine Peterson E-mail: aliep@MtsUnix1.bitnet or peterson/


Comments From Reviewer:  Collection is impossible to analyze since keyword searching is unavailable and subject searching takes you to a list of subjects to pick from.  From the extensive list and numbers of titles for each it look like a good place to search.  Montana State University is a land grant institution.




INSTITUTION:New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, New Mexico USA


2. At the : prompt, type hello user.libr01.

3. When asked for terminal type, enter 5.

4. When asked for location code, enter 0100.

To exit, enter /QUIT.

OPAC  Software: VTLS

General  Comments From Reviewer:

A. This system offers both a menu driven and a command driven interface. I strongly suggest using the command driven system in that the menu system is very difficult to use as it is described in the help screens.  It clearly needs better instructions.

B.  Commands used:



A/ (author)      – Displays alphabetical list of authors

B/ (Boolean keyword combination) – Displays number of matching entries

C/ (call number) – Displays Copy Description or Menu of Copies and Vols

H/ (call number) – Displays Holdings screen

L/ (keyword)     – Displays alphabetical list of keywords

M/ (call number) – Displays MARC Bibliographic Record

N/ (patron name) – Displays alphabetical list of patron names

P/ (reserve professor name) – Displays Reserves by Instructor screen

Q/ (reserve course-id) – Displays Reserves by Course screen

S/ (subject) – Displays alphabetical list of subjects

T/ (title) – Displays alphabetical list of titles

W/ (keyword) -Displays number of matching entries

Z/ (search heading) – Displays alphabetical list of matches


C.  Very powerful OPAC that is difficult to use at first but once the command structure is clear is well worth searching.


Collection Name: University Library


Name: Tim McKimmie  Position: Reference Librarian E-mail

Comments from contact:

Number of Titles About Agriculture and Related Sciences: 50,000 titles.

Reviewer’s Comments:  A keyword boolean search  on “agriculture or agricultural” resulted in 4,992 title entries.




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