This book grew out of a guide I wrote to agricultural resources on the Internet and BITNET  (Not Just Cows).  This present work is much broader in scope and purpose.   Writing a book  that was to cover electronic resources in agriculture seemed like such a large undertaking.  It has take more than a year to complete.    I would like to thank Pat Ensor for asking me to write this book and for having the confidence that I would finish it.  I would also like to thank my editor and publisher for this opportunity and for agreeing to allow me to continue to publish NOT JUST COWS.


This book would not have been possible without the support and suggestions from the many new friends and acquaintances I have made while writing it.  While I may never meet most of you in person,  I wish to thank all of you for your help and your patience with my surveys and follow-ups.

I would especially like to thank the librarians and staff at Mann Library at Cornell University for their assistance and for allowing me to use their fine library.


The people that really made this book possible are my family.   Thank you to Susan,  my wife, who put up with my missing deadlines and my mood swings when things went wrong; and to our children ,Benjamin  and Emily, for your patience and encouragement.  I dedicate this book  to Susan,  Benjamin,  and Emily.


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