Verizon and DSL : NOT??!!!

I live in a rural area between Ithaca,NY and Cortland, NY. We are not served by any cable companies. I have been trying for close to a year to get Verizon to tell me if they will ever get DSL in my area. I keep getting told they will notify me when it is available. I did get one representative to tell me it was not currently planned for my phone line. I am beginning to think the central office near my home has not been upgraded to allow DSL in the area. It seems to me that they have an obligation to make this service more widely available. Any suggestions?

This has gotten increasingly frustrating with Verizon’s new advertising campaign over the last few days. I looked into getting DirecWay but the cost is prohibitive. What is really ironic is that we are only 75 feet from one of the major fiber optic lines owned by Verizon. It goes through our neighbor’s property. We are also over a half mile from where the TV cable ends. That would cost us $5000 to get to our house. Of course, after that it would be regular cost for all of our neighbors.


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Book publishing too slow?

I wrote a chapter for a book that will be coming out in September or
October, according to a phone conversation I had with the publisher this
morning. The biggest concern I have is the length of time it is taking
to get this book to press and then out for sale. I will not name the
publisher but it is not a small publishing house.
The editor for the book asked me to write a chapter (back in March 2004)
which had to be submitted by August 2004. How long does it take for a
LITA title to go from idea to press? Taking over a year seems to be
ridiculous at the rate things are changing.


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