Book publishing too slow?

I wrote a chapter for a book that will be coming out in September or
October, according to a phone conversation I had with the publisher this
morning. The biggest concern I have is the length of time it is taking
to get this book to press and then out for sale. I will not name the
publisher but it is not a small publishing house.
The editor for the book asked me to write a chapter (back in March 2004)
which had to be submitted by August 2004. How long does it take for a
LITA title to go from idea to press? Taking over a year seems to be
ridiculous at the rate things are changing.


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EDUCAUSE E-Book on Net Gen Students

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EDUCAUSE has announced the availability of a new e-book, in which I have
a chapter on Net Generation Students and Libraries. The book is
available at:

Joan Lippincott

Educating the Net Generation, a new EDUCAUSE e-book, will help you
understand the unique characteristics of Net Gen students and their
implications for your institution in such areas as instruction, service,
learning space, faculty development, and curriculum.

The e-book-edited by Diana G. Oblinger, vice president of EDUCAUSE and
director of the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII), and
James L. Oblinger, chancellor of North Carolina State University-is
available online in PDF and HTML formats. It is downloadable in its
entirety or chapter by chapter-as are a variety of related multimedia
resources-at no charge.

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Associate Executive Director
Coalition for Networked Information
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