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Are You at Risk for Investment Fraud?

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Investment fraud schemes cost Americans tens of billions of dollars a year. AARP has identified eight risk factors that predict who is most likely to be defrauded.

What You Should Know:
While no one factor causes someone to be scammed, our research found that these eight factors raise one’s risk of being defrauded:

  1. Male gender
  2. High annual trading frequency (five or more a year)
  3. Frequent solicitations by phone, email, and regular mail
  4. Frequent remote investing in response to TV, email, or phone calls
  5. A mindset that wealth is an important measure of success in life
  6. A mindset that unregulated investments are more profitable
  7. A world view that is described as conservative
  8. Older age
What you should do to avoid investment fraud:
  • Only invest with registered advisors and investments
  • Put yourself on the Do Not Call registry (
  • Get a telephone call blocking system to screen out potential scammers
  • Limit the amount of personal information you give to sales people until you verify their credentials
  • Don’t make an investment decision based on a TV ad, a phone call or an email
  • Don’t make any investment decisions under stress
  • Take AARP’s Investment Fraud Vulnerability Quiz to find out if you are at risk
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Kristin Keckeisen
Fraud Watch Network

P.S. Spotted a scam?  Tell us about it.  Our scam-tracking map gives you information about the latest scams targeting people in your state.  You’ll also find first-hand accounts from scam-spotters who are sharing their experiences so you know how to protect yourself and your family.


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