Samsung and Me

I am a big fan of my two Samsung devices, Galaxy Tab 3 tablet and my Galaxy S5 phone.  My tablet is wi-fi based only.  I use it for ebooks, testing mobile stuff for work, and occasionally blogging and tweeting at conferences.  However, I am very frustrated with Samsung as there has not been a software update to the tablet since August 2105.  It currently runs on KitKat (T217SVPUBOH1).  I contacted Samsung support via chat on a desktop computer this morning, hoping to get some information.  Here is that chat session with the name of the Samsung agent changed to protect the innocent.

info: You are now chatting with ‘Samsung Rep’. The reference number for this chat is xxxxxxxx.
Samsung Rep: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
Visitor: I have a Galaxy Tab3 that is WiFi only. Why hasn’t there been a software update since 2015?
Samsung Rep: I see that you are looking for the information about update on tablet.
Samsung Rep: I will help you with that information.
Visitor: Thanks
Samsung Rep: You are welcome.
Samsung Rep: I know you’d be eager to explore the features of the new version.
Samsung Rep: Samsung is working on it to get the updates for the tablet.
Samsung Rep: The updates will be released in batches.
Samsung Rep: You may receive the next update as a direct notification on your tab as soon as it is released over air for these tabs.
Samsung Rep: You could find it in Settings>>About Device>>Check for the updates.
Visitor: I know all of that already. I want to know when and what it will be.
Samsung Rep: As the update is released over air, it is not possible to predict the exact time and date of that software.
Samsung Rep: The best I can do for you is, I will forward your concern to our management department.
Visitor: Thanks.
Samsung Rep: You are welcome.
Samsung Rep: Do you have any other questions for me?
Visitor: Will there be an update to latest Android version?
Samsung Rep: Yes, there would be an update and it is not possible to predict the version as Samsung will send the update directly to the tablet with a notification message.
Visitor: Same way they handled Note 7. No public information.

As you can see, I did not get a direct answer to my question “Why hasn’t there been a software update since 2015?”  What I got is obviously scripted so the Samsung rep did not have that information.  All I got was how to locate the version information for my device’s software.  I already knew that.  I then asked if there will be an update to the latest version of Android.  You can see the answer above and my snippy response.  I then closed the session.

Why can’t vendors like Samsung be upfront about software upgrades for devices they still support?  It is not as though I bought one that uses the cellular phone network.  All I want is a straight answer.  If it is not going to be upgraded for awhile, please tell me that.