Chapter 6 – electronic bulletin boards, listservs, almanac servers, and gopher servers


This chapter covers many unusual services availble via dial-up, the Internet, and Bitnet. These include electronic bulletin boards, listservs, almanac servers, and gopher servers.  The future of agricultural information lies in this direction.  The majority of these services are available at little or no cost to the users beyond telecommunication charges or internet connection fees.


The majority of this material was collected by survey, by exploring the internet, and by word of mouth.  There are several guides available to finding resources on the Internet and for locating electronic bulletin boards.




Kehoe, Brendan P.; Zen and the art of the internet : a beginner’s guide : 2nd ed, Englewood Cliffs, NJ :  Prentice Hall, 1993.


LaQuey, Tracy  with Jeanne C. Ryer, The Internet companion : a beginner’s guide to global networking , Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, 1992.


Marine, April; Susan Kirkpatrick; Vivian Neou; Carol Ward.  Internet : getting started.

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey :  Prentice Hall,1993.


Tennant, Roy.; John Ober, Anne G. Lipow ,Crossing the Internet threshold : an instructional handbook . Berkeley, CA : Library Solutions Press, 1993.


From the Hacker’s Dictionary (available over the Internet via Gopher)


BBS: /B-B-S/ [acronym, `Bulletin Board System’] n. An electronic bulletin board system; that is, a message database where people can log in and leave broadcast messages for others grouped (typically) into {topic group}s.  Thousands of local BBS systems are in operation throughout the U.S., typically run by amateurs for fun out of their homes on MS-DOS boxes with a single modem line each.  Fans of USENET and Internet or the big commercial timesharing bboards such as CompuServe and GEnie tend to consider local BBSes the low-rent district of the hacker culture, but they serve a valuable function by knitting together lots of hackers and users in the personal-micro world who would otherwise be unable to exchange code at all.



BBS Name:  ACCESS ON-LINE (Kansas)

Description:  In house system using PC-Board. For use by Kansas Extension staff, National Weather Service and news organizations.  Not really an open system.

Subject Scope: Messages, Newletters, Weather information.

Discussion Groups:


Number of subscribers: 250  Price:not applicable

Conditions or restrictions:  Kansas Extension staff and related activities.  Not open to general access.

Dial Up Instructions:

Telnet (Internet):

Contact: Name:Roger Terry

Voice Phone:913-532-6270


Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  Private and restricted.  There are too many of these around.



BBS Name:  ACES Agricultural Weather Bulletin Board (Alabamba)


Real-time agricultural weather forecast and advisory information for nearly 60 selected sites in Alabama and several nearby sites in surrounding states (FL, GA, MS, TN). Information is updated from Southeast Ag Weather Service  Center office constantly.

Subject Scope: See above.

Discussion Groups:

Databases: temp, precip, wind, DD60, GDH, etc. for numerous sites -both observed and predicted.

Number of subscribers: 100+  Price: No Charge at present.  Funded entirely  through Alabama commodity group support.

Conditions or restrictions: 

Four 15 minute sessions allowed per day.  Currently limited to only two incoming lines.

Dial Up Instructions:

(205)844-0329  N/8/1/2400 (9600 using Telebit PEP), ANSI term emul, YMODEM BATCH

Telnet (Internet): Not available

Contact: Name:  Gene Simpson

Voice Phone:  (205)844-9660


Post office:  60 Extension Hall   ;Auburn Univ, AL  36849-5646

Other Information:

This is designed for those users engaged in production agriculture.  It is intended to provide mamagement decision assistance for specific sites  in Alabama.  Due to only having two incoming lines (limited by funding) we have discouraged users from outside Alabama.

Comments From Reviewer:   This is an excellent source of weather information for Alabama.



BBS Name:  Advanced Technology Information Network (California)

Description: The ATI-Net is a full service information source designed to assist several markets within California.  Individual systems provide information for the agricultural market, international exporting (ATLS system), and the educational community (CSUPER-Net).

Subject Scope: Agricultural Information, CSUPER-Net, Automated Trade Library Service (ATLS), Biotechnology Information (CSUPERB)

Discussion Groups: See above.

Databases: No commercial databases.

Number of subscribers:?   Price: Free except for phone call.

Conditions or restrictions:  Fill out subscription form.

Dial Up Instructions: Phone:  209-294-4265  Parameters:  8-N-1, 300,1200,2400 baud .

Telnet (Internet):

1. Telnet to CATICSUF.CSUFRESNO.EDU, port 23  2. LOGIN as public

Contact: Help Line: 209-278-4819

Other Information:  This service is also accessible through various gopher sites.

Comments From Reviewer:  This is one of the most extensive agricultural bulletin boards around.  While it focusses on the west coast of the United States,  it is an excellent source of information for  general agriculture.



BBS Name:  AgEBB (Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board (Missouri)

Description: The basic goal of the bulletin board is to provide the University of  Missouri with a technologically current tool to distribute information on management, marketing, production and computer technology to and among Missouri farmers, Extension specialists and University faculty.

Subject Scope:  Extracted from  bulletins screen.

1.   Disseminate management, marketing and production information prepared  by the University of Missouri faculty.

2.   Distribute and receive agriculturally related electronic spreadsheet templates and other public domain agricultural software.

3.   Provide a mechanism for exchange of ideas, information and messages on management, marketing, production and computers in agriculture between and among farmers, Extension specialists, University faculty, agriculturally related government agencies and the agri-business community.

4.   Provide a mechanism for receiving Management Information Records  (MIR) data from farmers who are on the MIR Microcomputer Project and returning reports and other information to them.

Discussion Groups:


Number of subscribers: ?  Price: free except for call

Conditions or restrictions:  Follow policies

Dial Up Instructions:

Phone: 314-882-8289  Parameters:  8-N-1;  300,1200,2400 baud

Telnet (Internet): Not available

Contact: Help Line: 314-882-4827

Other Information:

Bulletins Menu:

















Comments from Reviewer: Nice bulletin board with a good amount of information but not as  sophisticated as some are.



BBS Name:  AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System) (Alberta,  Canada)

Description:  AGRIS is a bulletin board containing a database ofover 1,000 abstracts of agricultural research projects funded by the Alberta Agricultural Research Institute.  The abstracts are short one-page write-ups summarizing the findings of the research.  AGRIS also contains farm related business software and communications related software (all shareware).  The BBS contains (via a door) a fast word search program called the “Filter”.  Using Filter, the entire database can be searched for a single word or word combinations in seconds (usually under 5 seconds).  The files found using the Filter can then be viewed and automatically downloded to the user without leaving the word search program.  The name, phone number and address of theresearcher of each project is also listed so users can contact them directly.

Subject Scope: AGRIS contains results of agricultural research performed in

Alberta and funded by the Alberta Agricultural Research Institute.

Discussion Groups:

AGRIS has a message system on which users exchangeinformation and ideas.  There are not as yet any specific conference message bases on this BBS.

Databases:  See Description and Subject Scope

Number of subscribers: 674  Price:Free of charge.  The user must pay for long distance phone charges.

Conditions or restrictions:  Calls are limited to 60 minutes per call.  No other restrictions apply.

Dial Up Instructions:  403-438-2209

Telnet (Internet): Not available.

Contact: Name: Kent Racher

Voice Phone: 403-427-1956


Post office: Alberta Agriculture,

J.G. O’Donoghue Building, #202, 7000 – 113 st.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Postal Code T6H 5T6

Other Information:

AGRIS welcomes shareware software which pertains to agriculture, business or communications software.  We do not carry or accept shareware games of any sort.

Comments From Reviewer:   This is an excellent source of information on agricultural research.  Much that is available is useful for those outside of Canada.  Well worth the long distance call to take a look at.




BBS Name:  ALF (Agricultural Library Forum)(National Library of Agriculture)

Description: ALF is a convenient, economical tool for electronically accessing information about NAL’s programs, projects, products and services, and for  exchanging information among agricultural libraries, information centers, and others in the agricultural field.

Subject Scope: Agricultural topics

Discussion Groups: Conferences allows callers to participate in specialinterest group discussions.  Currently there are 14 public conferences including a roundtable (“AGRICOL”) for NAL’s AGRICOLA database users, and several user forums for those interested in subjects such as animal welfare (“AWF”), biotechnology (“BT”), rural development or rural health (“RIC”), or water quality (“WIN”).


Number of subscribers:   Price: Except for teh cost of the call, Free

Conditions or restrictions: Open to all users.  You must register the  first time you log on

Dial Up Instructions:

Baud Rate: 300, 1200, 2400, or 9600; Data Bits: 8; Stop Bit:1; Parity: None; Duplex: Full;  Emulation: None, or ASCII or TTY . Dial (301) 504-6510, (301) 504-5111, (301) 504-5496 or

(301) 504-5497. In approximately 5 seconds, a welcome message will display on the screen.  At the prompts, enter your first name, last name, and city  and state, each followed by a carriage return (CR).

Telnet (Internet): Not yet.

Contact: ALF’s Systems Operator (SYSOP),  Voice: 301-504-5113.

Other Information:  This BBs contains extensive up-to-date bibliographies on many topics related to agriculture and other areas.  These are updated on a regular basis.  These are from searches on AGRICOLA.

Comments From Reviewer:  This BBS is not just for librarians.  BEfore doing a search on any topic on agriculture check take a look at the excellent bibliographies contained here.  It is also a good place to leave questions.  Ihave found the librarians at the National Library of Agriuculture to be extremely helpful..



BBS Name:  CENET (Cornell Extension Network (New York)


This service is an electronic mail and bulletin board system.  It primarily serves Cornell Cooperative Extension, county extension associations in New York state, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, other New York state and federal agencies.  It is free to those groups mentioned above.  Private citizens and businesses may subscribe for a fee. Guest logons are allowed.

Subject Scope: from Menu.

1. AGriculture                Information on various agricultural topics

2. CENET               CENET information, settings and help

3. COMmunity           Community education and resources

4. FIELD-crops         Field crops and agronomy information

5. FOOD                Food and nutrition information

6. FRUIT-vegetable           Fruit and vegetable information

7. GLOBal              Global awareness

8. HUMAN-ecology       Information from the College of Human Ecology

9. NATural-resources         Forestry, wildlife, water and marine science

10. NEWS                News bulletins, news releases and media information

11. ORNamentals         Ornamental horticulture, floriculture, home/grounds

12. PEST-management     Integrated pest management and  pesticide information

13. WEAther                   Weather information

14. YOUth               Information about youth programming

15. FEEDback                  Leave feedback for CENET staff

Discussion Groups:  Many of the areas listed in Subject Scope contain active discussion groups.


Number of subscribers:Price:depends.

Conditions or restrictions:  None.

Dial Up Instructions:

Through a bank of dial-up modems at 607-255-6196.  These modems support 300-14,400 bps communications. The v.42bis protocol allows even greater speeds.

Telnet (Internet): Through telnet connection to host (ip address, alternate host name

Contact: Extension Electronic Technology Group.  E-mail:

Voice:  607-255-4950.

Other Information: For guest login, type guest and follow instructions on screen.

Comments From Reviewer:  This system is one of the best agricultural bulletin boards around.  CENET just started allowing guest logins.  Registered users (not guests) have access to other services as well such as e-mail.  You must take a look at this BBS.




BBS Name:  Compu-Farm BBS  (Alberta, Canada)

Description: Specializing in information and software of primary use to agricultural producers.  “Perishable” information includes:  Weekly market stats; Weekly market commentary; Monthly market commentary; Supply and Disposition stats for Canada, the U.S. and ther World; Weekly news from Alberta Agriculture;  and the bi-weekly crop report.  Databases are available for on-line  searching.  There is a large collection shareware and freeware software, mostly contributed by BBS users.

Subject Scope: Anything of agricultural relevance.

Discussion Groups:


1) AgSoft – the Agriculture Software Directory – has been published since 1985.  It is a listing of all the commercial agricultural software that we can find that is available in North America.  The 1992 edition has over 800 listings.

2) Sources – Sources of Assistance for Alberta Farmers.

3) Custom – database of custom operators and rates charged in Alberta.

Number of subscribers: 700  Price: only the long distance call.

Conditions or restrictions:  none.

Dial Up Instructions: 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 baud (403) 556-4104

Telnet (Internet): Not available.

Contact: Name: Bruce Waldie

Voice Phone: (403) 556-4240

E-mail: CompuServe 70134,3325

Post office: Farm Business Management Branch, Box 2000, Olds, Aberta,  T0M 1P0

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  The AgSoft database is truly  unique.  Take a look at it.  This bulletin board is one of the best and well worth the long distance call.



BBS Name: Cooperative Extension Management System (CEMS) was Cooperative Extension Reference Filer  (CERF) (Indiana)

Description: It is search and retrieval software designed to locate a variety of documents, computer application software, slides sets, video tapes.  (Note from revieer:  This servcie just expanded to provide access to other services as well.)

Subject Scope: As a national resource it contains a heavy emphasis on educational materials related to water quality issues.  More than 1800 citations are included in that area and they are

products from all State Extension Services.  In addition, the search tool looks at the inventory records of more than  2000 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service titles and abstracts.

Discussion Groups:

Databases:  The entire service is really a database.

Number of subscribers:   Price:No charge.  Except those calling via dialup modem will be connected via long distance and will bear the cost of toll charges.

Conditions or restrictions: None .

Dial Up Instructions:

Send electronic mail addressed to: In one line requests:

send cerf catalog

send cerf tutorial

Telnet (Internet): telnet to

login:  cerf

password: purdue

follow screen prompts

Contact: Name: Eldon E. Fredericks Voice Phone: 317-494-8679


Post office: Agricultural Communication Dept,1143 AGAD Building, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN  47907-1143

Other Information: When CERF locates a citation it describes that educational material and if it is a document it indicates that the document IS or IS NOT available to view on screen.  Any document that is availabe to view may be marked, ordered, and will be delivered to the user via electronic mail. The work was largely funded by Cooperative Agreement #90-EWQI-1-9026 between Purdue University and the Extension Service, USDA.

These services were just added :   Publication Database CERF,  Send a request to Information Server Almanac,  INFO 93(access to various internet services), Gopher, Swais, QUERRI, PENpages, CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries), and  Weather Information Service

Comments From Reviewer:  This service has just recently expanded beyond being  solely a bibliographic database.  This is now an excellent way for users that must dialin via modems to get access to internet services such as library catalogs  and gopher.



BBS Name:  CSXBBS (California)


MSDOS RBBS system.  Available only as a dial-in system.  Not connected to the Internet.  Some public domain and shareware software packages available for download.

Subject Scope: general agriculture related information

Discussion Groups:


Agricola, National CD-ROM Sampler, About Cows, ASKDANR, National Agriculture Census

Number of subscribers: 100+  Price:free to University of California or Extension staff

Conditions or restrictions:  University or Extension staff only

Dial Up Instructions: 1200/2400/9600 BAUD; 8 bit; 1 stop bit;  no parity;  communications software must be able to emulate an IBM-PC and pass through arrow and function keys.

CSXBBS: (916)752-5333

Telnet (Internet):  Not available

Contact: Name: Mina M Ostergard  Voice Phone: (916)752-6402

E-mail:  Post office: UC Davis, CE Computer Facility, Davis CA 95616-8566

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  This is another service paid for by the tax payers but not accessible to them .



BBS Name:  CUFAN (Clemson University Forestry and Agricultural Network)  (South Carolina)

Description:VTX (Videotex) Information Base, Electronic mail, Conference system

Subject Scope: Contains information on weather, agricultural economics, plant and animal science, agricultural engineering, home food preparation and preservation, agricultural news

Discussion Groups: Many. Not available to non-registered users.

Databases: All information indicated in “subject scope” above is available in one information base. Other databases, electronic mail, and conferencing not available to non-registered users.

Number of subscribers: 2000+  Price:Free access to VTX. For access to further services, contact Judy Pilgrim  at Clemson University  (

Conditions or restrictions:  No restrictions to VTX. Users of other services must be registered.

Dial Up Instructions: Varies upon location. Contact Judy Pilgrim (

Telnet (Internet):

Telnet to:   Login as:Public

Contact: Name: Ray Holliday Voice Phone: (803) 656-3383 E-mail:

Post office: 210 Barre Hall,  Clemson University,  Clemson, SC  29634-0310

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer: The VTX available to the public is useful to a degree.  There is not alot availabe yet.  Not as good as CENET, PenPages, or  ATInet.



BBS Name:  FDA PRIME (Food and Drug Administration)

Description: From  Information Screens:

The FDA PRIME CONNECTION is a regulatory program informationsystem which provides electronic access to technical materials issued by the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s Office of Compliance.  The name is derived from an abbreviation of PR*ogram I*nformation M*aterial E*lectronic Connection.

The system is designed with you as our primary focus.  FDA’s regulatory policies and recommendations on retail food protection,milk safety and shellfish sanitation are provided to local, state,federal regulatory programs and others via the FDA PRIME CONNECTION as an on-line supplement to our other hardcopy information distribution systems.  FDA PRIME CONNECTION is designed to facilitate the flow of technical program information to those who

use it in their decision making.

Subject Scope: Food and regulatory issues.

Discussion Groups:


Number of subscribers:   Price:

Conditions or restrictions: The final thing you need is to register with the FDA PRIME

CONNECTION as a user.  Each person in the organization who will be calling will need to fill out a registration application in order to receive the access code and their unique password.   Send requests to:


200 C STREET – HFF-342

WASHINGTON, DC 20204-0001.

Tel: 202-205-8140  FAX: 202-205-5560

Dial Up Instructions:

Telnet (Internet): Not availabe.


Other Information: Easy to use system accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Local calling access for many jurisdictions – toll free calling for all others – to save long  distance charges.  Servces availabe (from menu):

A method to keep your program technical information as up to date as you need

On-line program information text references with search features for quick review

On-line listings for Interstate Shellfish Shippers, updated bi-weekly

On-line listings for Interstate Milk Shippers Sanitation Compliance and Enforcement Ratings, up-dated monthly

Downloadable technical program information files and listings

FDA Integrated Electronic Inspection System Linkage

Technical program information support system to provide answers for your technical questions

Electronic conferencing on technical program related subjects

Comments From Reviewer:  This service is excellent.  If you think you might find it useful contact the address above.  They are very open to letting interested users have access.



BBS Name:  HortLine (Maryland)

Description: Sponsored by the American Society for Horticultural Science

Subject Scope: Horticulture, including crop production,landscaping, gardening, and use of computers with plant science.

Discussion Groups: Genetics/breeding, gardening, computers

Databases: none

Number of subscribers: 500+  Price:free

Conditions or restrictions: Good behavior (No profanity, etc.)

Dial Up Instructions:  (703) 836-2418; 2400/1200/300 bps; 8 bits, 1 stop, no parity

Telnet (Internet):  Not available.

Contact: Name: Timothy J Ng   Voice Phone:  (301) 405-4175 E-mail:

Post office:  University of Maryland, 2133 Lee Building; College Park, MD 20742-5121

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  Excellent source of information about horticulture and plant science.




Description: Software exchange for IBM PC software

Subject Scope: Agricultural computer programs

Discussion Groups: None of any use.


Number of subscribers:Price:free except for the call.

Conditions or restrictions:  Must follow policies.

Dial Up Instructions:

Phone: 402-472-5412  Parameters: 8-N-1  300, 1200, 2400 Baud

Telnet (INTERNET):  Not available

Contact: Help Line:  402-472-5236

Other Information:File directory listings

Listing of programs for agriculture:

WEATHER .TXT     3650  04-20-93  Nebraska Weekly Crop Weather Report

HPM     .ZIP   105472  03-03-93  Herbaceous Plant Database

LPM     .ZIP   105472  03-03-93  Landscape Plant Database

CATTLE  .TXT     3825  02-08-93  Feeder Cattle Current Economics Commentary

MACHINE .ZIP    60360  05-30-90  Determines field machine costs

CROPBUDG.ZIP   160203  05-30-90  Analyzes the costs of producing a crop

CARCASS .ARC    84480  10-24-89  Tabulate Beef/Lamb Carcass Contests

VACUUM2 .BAS     8080  02-07-89  Analysis of  standard milking system

COOLING .BAS     5760  02-07-89  Analysis of Milk Cooling system unit

MINCOME .ARC    58446  02-04-89  Calc min net income required to make pmts

GRAINSHR.ARC    58140  02-04-89  Benefits of  selling dry vs. wet grain

FERTCOST.ARC    65170  02-04-89  Calc least cost mix of fertilizer to apply

EWECOST .ARC    80173  02-04-89  Costs/returns for sheep enterprise

COWCOST .ARC    77857  02-04-89  Costs/returns for cow-calf enterprise

CASHRENT.ARC    60771  02-04-89  Max rent you can afford to pay for land

BUYLAND .ARC    69707  02-04-89  Max price you can afford to pay for land

BESTCROP.ARC    53874  02-04-89  Yield & price analysis between 2 crops

ECB_ARC .EXE    55296  06-21-88  1st Generation European Corn Borer Model

PIVOT   .ARC    43982  01-08-86  Fertigation & chemigation: central pivots

RESIDUE .COM    41757  08-05-85  residue management simulation

NVALUE  .EXE    56765  08-05-85  value of nitrogen on corn

Comments from Reviewer:The files on the bulletin board are old but may still be useful especially if you have not updated your computer in awhile  and nedd older software. The board is nothing more than a software exchange as stated by  the name.  Could use some more up to date programs.



BBS Name:  IDEX (for Idaho Extension Network)

Description: A general purpose electronic bulletin board for the agricultural community in Idaho and the immediate surrounding area.  It is our goal to provide up to the minute weather reports, market reports, USDA and other agricultural news, current pest and pesticide information, and any other service we can to facilitate agriculture in Idaho.

Subject Scope: Any and everything pertaining to agriculture.  We currently have up to the minute weather reports, daily market reports, USDA news reports, and pest/pesticide information being

posted.  We also attempt to respond to specific requests for information and software services.

Discussion Groups: none as yet.  We are hoping that, as our subscriber list increases, users will become involved in public discussion rather than just the IDEX and email talk that goes on now.

Databases: We are in the process of setting up links to both a database containing archived weather data, and another database  containing an extensive list of market reports.

Number of subscribers: 100  Price:Free (except for price of phone call).

Conditions or restrictions:  none, but posted information must pertain to agriculture-related issues.

Dial Up Instructions:  208-885-7721 (9600 or less, N81)  and select IDEX BBS from the menu, OR: 208-885-5911 (2400 E71) login as idex – no password first time users must register (name, address,phone)

Telnet (INTERNET): telnet; login as  idex  with no password

first time users must register (name, address, phone)

Contact: Name:  Matt Cain   Voice Phone: 208-885-6227  E-mail:

Post office:   Matthew Cain , PSES Department, College of Agriculture, University of Idaho,    Moscow, ID 83843

Other Information: This is a new bulletin board and still somewhat in the formative stages.  We expect it to evolve as  users request new information and require new  services.  At this time we are particularly open to suggestions on how to improve our service.

Comments From Reviewer:  Easy to use but read the help instructions as the interface is somewhat unususal.  Lots of excellent information.




BBS Name:  INFO WINDOWS (South Dakota)

Description: Info Windows is maintained by SDSU Cooperative Extension Service.  This system is intended to provide broad-based information concering Agiculture and Home Economics.  This information is the form of News Articles, Bulletins, Public Forums, and Computer Programs.

Subject Scope: Agriculture and Home Economics  (Human Ecology)

Discussion Groups:

Databases: Feed Finder – Locate Hay and Pasture for sell or to buy.

Number of subscribers: 400  Price:Long Distance phone call charges; no fee for logging on

Conditions or restrictions:  No Restrictions.

Dial Up Instructions: N81 for communication parameters; Phone # (605) 688-4219;Supports up to 2400bps (soon up to 9600)

Telnet (Internet):Not yet.

Contact: Jason Ladwig (605) 688-6178;  Mike Adelaine (605) 688-5676

Extension Computer Services  Voice Phone: (605) 688-4411 6178 5676 4219

Post office: SDSU,  Agriculture Engineering RM 205,  Brookings, SD 57007

Other Information: Other Capibilities: 20,000 IBM Shareware Programs available for downloading; E-Mail Capibilities to other users; ON-LINE Conference w/up to 4 other users;  Lots of Graphics (PCX, MAC, PIC, etc)

Plans for Future: 1-800 WATTS line; Internet access

Comments From Reviewer:   This is a BBS with lots of potential.  Worth looking at.  SDSU Extension is clearly making a big commitment to support public access to agricultural information.



BBS Name:  Integrated Pest Management RBBS  (University of Wisconsin)

Description: From the Introductory Screens:

Dedicated to the free exchange of information and to the use of  efficient agricultural crop and pest control methods which minimize detrimental impacts to the environment while maintaining farm profitability. IPM RBBS is also dedicated to pursuit of ultra PC technology.

Subject Scope: Integrated Pest Management

Discussion Groups: Integrated Pest Management

Databases: None

Number of subscribers: ?  Price:Free except for the call.

Conditions or restrictions:  Must follow the policies.

Dial Up Instructions: Phone:(608) 262-3656  Parameters:  8-N-1 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud.

Telnet (Internet):  Not yet.

Contact: Name:  Roger Schmidt Phone: (608)262-0703

Other Information:

Comments from Reviewer: This bulletin clearly sticks to its purpose.  This is an excellent source of information.



BBS Name:  National Biological Impact Assessment Program (NBIAP)

Description:  mission – to facilitate and assess the safe application of new techniques

for genetically modifying plants, animals, and microorganisms to benefit agriculture and the environment.

Subject Scope: advancing research and monitoring techniques, and expediting the flow of biotechnology information.

Discussion Groups:no conferencing enabled – message base only.


Companies involved in biotechnology R&D.;  State research and development centers.

State biotech regulatory agencies and contacts.;  Publications relating to biotech.;  International biotech researchers.;  Research sites.;  International biotech field test approvals.;  Institutional Biosafety Committees and contacts.;  APHIS field test approvals.;  Scientific references.

Number of subscribers: 5500+  Price:Toll call to register, from then on, 1-800 number

Conditions or restrictions:  Must be a responsible subscriber.

Dial Up Instructions: 1-703-231-3858

Telnet (Internet):  Access to files only not really telnet.

ftp; user-id: anonymous; password: your e-mail address; cd pub/user/biotechnology

Then ftp any file(s) of interest in the subdirectories.

Contact: Name: Doug King  Voice Phone: 703-231-3747 Bulletin board: 1-800-NBIAPBD


Post office: 120 Engel Hall, Virginia  Tech, Blacksburg,VA 24061

Other Information:We produce a monthly biotech news report, also keep current files on various notices, regulation changes, criteria, and guidelines from agencies involved in biotech (USDA, EPA, FDA).

Comments From Reviewer:  This an excellent source of information on biotechnology .  Jeremy Rifkin and others should be looking at this for accurate information.



BBS Name:  Nutrient Data Bank Bulletin Board(USDA)


The Nutrient Data Bank Bulletin Board is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Human Nutrition Information Service (HNIS) in Hyattsville, Maryland.  It is operated as public service to provide information about current HNIS publications and computer files on the nutrient composition of foods.  Announcements about Nutrient Data Bank Conferences and other  relevant topics are also included.

Subject Scope: Food Composition Data

Discussion Groups:

Databases: USDA Nutrient Data Base for Standard Reference; USDA Nutrient Data Base for Food Consumption Surveys and Data Sets Used to Create It. Other Food Composition Data Bases.

Number of subscribers: n/a  Price:free

Conditions or restrictions:  none

Dial Up Instructions: Tel.  301-436-5078; Line Settings:  N-8-1;1200 or 2400 Baud

Telnet (Internet): telnet Login ID is info. there is no password

Nutrient data is in /Government/US/NutrientData directory.

Contact: Name: David B. Haytowitz  Voice Phone: (301) 436-8491  FAX Phone: (301) 436-5643

E-mail:  Post office: USDA-HNIS,  Federal Building, Rm 316,  6505 Belcrest Rd. Hyattsville, MD  20782

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  There are several interfaces availble.  Select the gopher since this the easisest to use.  If you have a gopher cleient, point it to  port 901 to access the nutrient files.  This is a truly unique service.



BBS Name:  PENpages (Pennsylvania)

Description:  PENpages is a full-text information service containing thousands of research-based fact sheets, news articles, newsletters, and reports. Information is entered by faculty and staff of Penn State University, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, USDA and many cooperators nationwide. Information is agricultural-based and consumer-oriented. Topics include: 4-H and youth development, agricultural education, agronomy; dairy and  animal science, engineering, entomology, family life and resource management, food safety, forest resources, gerontology, horticulture, human nutrition, pesticide education, plant pathology, poultry science, rural development, veterinary science, water quality, and many others.

Subject Scope:The documents cover all areas of client targeted information for the Pennsylvania Extension service. Agriculture production,  family, youth, nutrition, and economic development.

Discussion Groups:

Databases: PENpages

Number of subscribers: n/a  Price:free. There is no cost to retrieve documents.  In each of our counties there is a local number for clients to dial into.

Conditions or restrictions:  None

Dial Up Instructions: Access has been successful with most computers that have communications software that supports vt 100 emulation mode.Parity = None, Duplex = Full, Data bits = 8, Stop bit =1,  Handshake=XON/XOFF. BAUD RATE =300,1200,2400. Outside PA

dial 814-863-4820.  Inside PA call your county office to get the local phone number for PENpages access. At the username prompt type in your state two character  abreviation, e.g., NY

The system will open to the first menu selection screen.

Telnet (Internet): Telnet to at the username prompt type in your two character state abreivation.

Contact: Name:Diann Hunsinger  Voice Phone:814-863-3449 Post office:405 Ag Admin, University  Park Pa 16802

Other Information: To obtain a Penpages userguide with detailed instructions on search strategies and logon procedures call 814-863-3449 or send a request to Computer Services, 405 Ag Administration, University Park PA 16802.  Penpages is referenced in a number of Internet

guides including Zen and the Art of the Internet, The Internet Resource Guide, etc.

There are over 200 contributors to PENpages from all over the United States. If you are interested in being a contributor please give us a call.

Comments From Reviewer:  This is the best source of information around concerning agriculture and related areas.  While not striclty a BBs,  it functions as one.  The best way to searhc this service is by keyword.




BBS Name: QUERRI (Questions on University Extension Regional Resource Information ) Iowa

Description:  Online access to bibliographic information  to more than 12,000 NCR Extension resources .QUERRI is maintained & supported by  The North Central Region Educational Materials Project (NCREMP):       University of Illinois ; Lincoln University (Missouri);   Purdue University (Indiana);  University of Nebraska;   Iowa State University;  North Dakota State University; Kansas State University;  The Ohio State University;  Michigan State University; South Dakota State University;  University of Minnesota;  University of Wisconsin;   University of Missouri

Subject Scope: Extesnion Service publications for North Central States  That cover such subject areas as Agricultur, Home Economic,  4-H and Youth, and  Community Resource Development.

Discussion Groups: None

Databases: None

Number of subscribers:   Price:None

Conditions or restrictions:None

 Dial Up Instructions:

Telnet (Internet): telnet


Contact: Help Desk:  (515) 294-8802


Other Information:

Search Menu:

QUERRI contains bibliographic information on Extension resources in agriculture, communities, family living, & youth available to the public. It does NOT contain research reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, or position papers.


Before beginning a new search, you may want to select  2) “View Alphabetic List of ALL KEYWORDS” to find existing keywords related to your topic.




1)  Begin NEW SEARCH with Keyword

2)  View Alphabetic List of ALL KEYWORDS

3)  Help

R)  Return to MAIN MENU  (Instructions, How to Order, Exit)


Comments From Reviewer:  While QUERRI is not a  strictly a bulletin board,  it is included here because of its similarity to bulletin boards.  It is an excellent source of information on Cooperative Extension publications.  I found it to be very easy to use.  It is accessible through many gopher sites as well  as via telnet.


BBS Name:  RCEBBS (Rutgers Cooperative Extension Bulletin Board Service (New Jersey)

Description: Increase access to information in extension files.

Subject Scope: Agriculture and extension issues

Discussion Groups:

1. Extension Professional’s Conference [Private]

2. THE WORK PLACE – Discussion of Safety, Health, and  regulation affecting New Jersey’s workers. (Public)

3. ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE –  Discussion of  organic and sustainable farming  and gardening featuring advice from Eliot Coleman, nationally known author and

consultant  on chemical free techniques.


1.) TEXT SEARCH DOOR:  Contains the following “textbases”:

A.) Sumary of N.J. law and regualtions relating to Agriculture

B.) N.J. Pesticide Control Regulations  N.J.A.C. Title 7, Chapter 30, Subchapters 1-10

C.) Scientific Literature on Alternative Farming Systems. 6289 citations ranging from 1916 to 1985 created by the U.S.D.A. and No. Carolina State University. Authors: R.H. Miller, L.D. King, P.G. Sullivan

D.) The Urban Phytonarian Handbook – A complete guide to home horticulture from the University of Wisconsin.

E.) Alternative Agricultural Opportunities Bibliography

2.) NATIONAL EXTENSION CD-ROM SAMPLER–  12,000 Documents on-line from around the nation. One of the most extensive information collections available, with full text search.


Number of subscribers:   Price:$15 for toll free service

Conditions or restrictions:  Fill out form and pay fee for toll free service.

Dial Up Instructions: Toll Free-  800-722-0335

toll Call: 201-38308041Parameters: N-8-1

Telnet (Internet):

See PENNPages.  Some files from RCEBBS available there.

Contact: Bruce Barbour, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Computer Bulletin Board, 330 Route 206 South,  Newton N.J. 07860.

Other Information:

Comments From Reviewer:  This BBS is one of the best dial up agriucltural bulletin boards.  There are many unique services available here.



BBS Name:  Soil and Water Conservation Information Bureau  Electronic Library and Message Centre (Canada)(University of Guelph)

Description: From opening screens:  Our goal is to provide  food producers with sources of information and documents to help them enhance the quality of soil and water resource management in Ontario.

Subject Scope: soil and water resources management (Soil and water conservation)

Discussion Groups:  From menus:

1. Innovator:     Leave messages / read messages about innovative farming techniques.     Do you have a question that may be answered by another  farmer? Use  this service to share your knowledge and experience.

2. Technical:     Leave messages / read messages about soil and water conservation  research. Contains ASKELTON database, for which there is an hourly charge for  use. You need to register for this conference. If you wish to join this  conference leave a message with the sysop, or call the

office at  (519) 767-5020.

3. Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre.


Number of subscribers:Price:Free (except for phone call.)

Conditions or restrictions:  None.  Limited to agriculture discussions.

Dial Up Instructions: Phone:  (519) 767-5020  Parameters:  ?

Telnet (Internet):Not available.

Contact: voice lines at 519 – 767 – 5020  or   519 – 824 – 4120

Other Information: Run by: Soil and Water Conservation Information Bureau    Electronic Library and Message Centre , Agriculture Canada, OMAF, SWEEP University of Guelph

Comments From Reviewer: This is and excellent source of information. for those interested in soil and water conservation.and also agronomy.



BBS Name:  Weather — University of Nebraska

Description: Provides weather information for the state of Nebraska.

Subject Scope: weather

Discussion Groups: none

Databases: none

Number of subscribers: ?  Price:free except for the call.

Conditions or restrictions: none

Dial Up Instructions: Phone: 402-472-6615  Parmeters:  8_n_1 300;1200;2400 baud

Telnet (Internet): Not available.

Contact: Help Line:  402-472-6708

Other Information: (extracted from screens) Commands for retrieving weather information:

From the Main Menu prompt you can enter one of the following to get weather data or information from the BBS.


D;NE01.HR;A          (Yesterdays hourly data from Mead)

D;NE22.HR1;A         (Day before yesterdays hourly data from Grant)

D;WY43.HR;A          (Yesterdays hourly data from Wheatland Wy)

D;NE01.14D;A         (Last 14 days of daily data from Mead)

D;NE53.14D;A         (Last 14 days of daily data from Lexington)

D;KS39.14D;A         (Last 14 days of daily data from Colby Kansas)

D;NEDAILY.FCT;A      (Daily forecast for Nebraska)

D;SDEXTEN.FCT;A      (5 day forecast for South Dakota)

Comments from Reviewer:This bulletin board defintely fulfills its purpose very well.                  Easy to use.




Discussion List Name: AAVLD-L

List Address: (for messages): UCDCVDLS (for commands, subscription, etc.): UCDCVDLS

Scope & Subject: American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians LIST: Discuss topics and administrative information relevant to animal health diagnostic laboratories. This list has been created to provide a forum for discussion between veterinary diagnostic laboratories and members of the AAVLD. Topics such as test standardization, fees, diagnostic information assistance, animal health surveillance, reports on conferences and symposia are especially welcomed. Discussions related to specific cases should be approached within the limits of diagnostic medicine and restrict discussions of therapy or treatments. The latter is discussed on another list, VETMED-L@UGA.  The list will be limited to members of the AAVLD. Archives of AAVLD-L and related files are stored in the AAVLD-L FILELIST. To receive a list of files, send the command INDEX AAVLD-L to LISTSERV@UCDCVDLS.

Number Of Subscribers:Number Of Meassages/week: 1 Moderated: no


Other Information: James T. Case, Administrator  University of California  Information Systems  School of  Veterinary Medicine

California Veterinary Diagnostic  Laboratory System

P.O. Box  1770

Davis, CA  95617





Discussion List Name: AG-EXP-L

List Address: To MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS to the list send mail to AG-EXP-L@NDSUVM1

Scope & Subject: Discusses the use of Expert Systems in Agricultural production and management. Primary emphasis is for practitioners, Extension personnel and Experiment Station researchers in the land rant system.

Number Of Subscribers: 235 Number Of Meassages/week: 1 Moderated: no

Contact: Sandy Sprafka –

Other Information:



Discussion List Name: AGENG-L

List Address: (for messages): AGENG-L@DGOGWDG1 or AGENG-L@IBM.GWDG.DE (for commands, subscription, etc.):  LISTSERV@(see above)

Scope & Subject: Discussion and Information on Engineering and Intelligent Control in agriculture

Number Of Subscribers: new Number Of Meassages/week: new Moderated: no

Contact: Johannes grosse Beilage <JBEILAG@IBM.GWDG.DE

Other Information:






Discussion List Name: AGRIC-L

List Address: List address (for messages): AGRIC-L@UGA List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@UGA

Scope & Subject: Agriculture Discussion: Anything remotely related to agriculture. Topics may include, but are not limited to: Grassland husbandry, Crop Science, Simulation of ecological processes and crop production, (Tropical) Forestry, Plant Physiology, Land Development, Water Resource management, Irrigation Science, Soil Science, Plant propagation, Cattle breeding, Pig farming

Number Of Subscribers: 210 Number Of Meassages/week: 2 Moderated: no

Contact: HAROLD@UGA (Harold Pritchett)

Other Information:



Discussion List Name: AGRIS-L

List Address: List address (for messages): AGRIS-L@IRMFAO01.BITNET List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@IRMFAO01.BITNET

Scope & Subject: Description: Agricultural Information Discussion Group Subject scope: All aspects of agricultural information. Agriculture includes plant and animal production and protection, forestry, fisheries, food and human nutrition, rural development, agricultural economics, etc. Information includes all mechanisms for information collection, storage, indexing, dissemination, etc.

Number Of Subscribers: 130 Number Of Meassages/week: 10 Moderated: no

Contact: GILSN2@IRMFAO01 (Lebowitz A. I.)

Other Information: Abe Lebowitz, Head AGRIS/CARIS Coordinating Center  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United  Nations  Via delle Terme di Caracalla  00100-Rome, Italy  Phone:+39 (6) 5797-4993 Fax: +39 (6) 5797-3152  E-mail: GILSN2@IRMFAO01.BITNET



Discussion List Name: AQUA-L

List Address: List address (for messages): AQUA-L@VM.UOGUELPH.CA

List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@VM.UOGUELPH.CA

Scope & Subject: AQUA-L is an INTERNET list based at the University of Guelph. The purpose of the list is to promote discussion amongst individuals interested in the science, technology and business of rearing aquatic species. In the spirit of open discussion, membership in the list is public and unrestricted.  Potential topics include: Who’s doing what and where?; Problems and solutions rearing aquatic larvae; Diseases, parasites and pathology; Water quality; Recirculation technology and applications;  Research aquatic systems design and operation; Commercial aquatic systems design and operation; Site selection and environmental impact; New species under culture; Genetics, sex reversal and hormonal manipulation; Computers in aquaculture; Public perceptions of aquaculture; Aqua-business ($$$$!).

Number Of Subscribers: 200 Number Of Meassages/week: 5 Moderated: no

Contact: T.B. (Ted) White     WHITE@VM.UOGUELPH.CA

Other Information:  Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture  Malaspina College   Nanaimo, British Columbia   CANADA, V9R 5S5  (604)753-3245





Discussion List Name: BEE-L

List Address: List address (for messages): BEE-L@ALBNYVM1 List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@ALBNYVM1

Scope & Subject: BEE-L is a Bitnet listserv dedicated to research and information concerning the biology of bees.  This includes honey bees and other bees (and maybe even wasps). We communicate about sociobiology, behavior, ecology, adaptation/evolution, genetics, taxonomy, physiology, pollination, and flower nectar and pollen production.

Number Of Subscribers: 200 Number Of Meassages/week: 10 Moderated: yes

Contact: MJO@BROCK1P (Mary Jo Orzech)

Other Information: M. J. Orzech  Academic Computing Services  SUNY Brockport  Brockport, NY 14420  716-395-2368 Bitnet: mjo@brock1p



Discussion List Name: BIOSPH-L

List Address: List address (for messages): biosph-l@ubvm ( List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): listserv@ubvm

Scope & Subject: Discussion of environmental issues.

Number Of Subscribers: 500 Number Of Meassages/week: 50 Moderated: no

Contact: Dave Phillips (

Other Information: The list owner does enforce some basic usage  /posting rules which were adopted by vote in 1990.  There are 2 list ombudsmen to handle subscribers’  problems with this. The existence of these rules  has generally helped prevent problems.



Discussion List Name: BIRD HOTLINE

List Address: See below

Scope & Subject: BIRD_RBA@ARIZVM1 National Birding Hotline Cooperative BIRDCNTR@ARIZVM1 National Birding Hotline Cooperative (Central  BIRDEAST@ARIZVM1 National Birding Hotline Cooperative (East) BIRDWEST@ARIZVM1 National Birding Hotline Cooperative (West) BIRDCHAT@ARIZVM1 Discussion of the Birding Hotline Cooperative BIRDBAND@ARIZVM1 for bird banders to discuss their trade. National Birding Hotline Cooperative. The e-conference provides a clearing-house for transcribed birding hotlines from around the country. (pick an e-conference in your region)

Number Of Subscribers:  Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated:

Contact: CHUCKW%EVAX2@ARIZONA.EDU (Chuck Williamson)

Other Information: You can add yourself to this list by contacting  one of the list owners. Issuing a SUBSCRIBE  command to the list server will cause it to  forward your request to the owners.



Discussion List Name: BNFNET-L

List Address: Bitnet: Listserv@finhutc Internet:

Scope & Subject: Mailing list of the Biological Nitrogen Fixation Electronic Network (BNFNET). BNFNET aims to foster better communication through the exchange of  information, experiences and scientific results on bnf, and to stimulate cooperations among UNESCO’s Microbial Resources Centers (MIRCENs) and between MIRCENs and other organizations. Scope of discussion in BNFNET-L covers allas pects related to bnf; including legume-rhizobium symbiosis, nitrogen-fixing trees; genetics/biochemistry; free-living nitrogen fixers; culture collection and computer networking.

Number Of Subscribers:  Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated: no


Other Information:



Discussion List Name: DAIRY-L

List Address: (for messages) (for commands, subscription, etc.):

Scope & Subject: Dairy production and associated issues. DAIRY-L@UMDD is a discussion medium for professional educators and extension workers advising the dairy industry. Questions concerning problems or policies faced by dairy producers are encouraged, as are requests for educational  tools  such as  visual aids, computer-aided decision support tools, and outlines of educational programs. Offers to share available educational tools are especially encouraged.  Discussions  of current  problems and controversies facing the dairy industry are also favored.

Number Of Subscribers: 325 Number Of Meassages/week: 15 Moderated: no

Contact: (Mark Varner)

Other Information:



Discussion List Name: DIARRHOE

List Address:

Scope & Subject: International Forum on Diarrhoea provides a forum for scienitific communications related to diseases, disorders, and chemicals which cause diarrhoea in humans and animals.

Number Of Subscribers:  Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated:


Other Information:



Discussion List Name: EQUINE-D

List Address: LISTSERV@PCCVM for subscription.

Scope & Subject: The Rec.Equestrian Digest is a redistribution of articles from the USENET rec.equestrian newsgroup for persons without USENET access. Distribution is in digest format as described in RFC 1153 by Frank Wancho. The list is currently running in read-only mode; no subscriber postings  are permitted. EQUINE-D originated as an outgrowth of, and companion list to, EQUINE-L.

Number Of Subscribers: 38 Number Of Meassages/week: n/a Moderated: Yes

Contact: W. K. (Bill) Gorman  bj496@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu

Other Information:






Discussion List Name: EQUINE-L

List Address: See Equine-D

Scope & Subject: Discussion forum for Horse fanciers. EQUINE-L is an e-conference for the discussion of all phases of horse ownership, management, use and related concerns for all horse breeds, both hot and cold blood.

Number Of Subscribers: 149 Number Of Meassages/week: ? Moderated: No

Contact: See Equine-D

Other Information:



Discussion List Name: GARDENS

List Address: (for messages): GARDENS@UKCC.UKY.EDU or GARDENS@UKCC (for commands, subscription, etc.):

Scope & Subject: The purpose of Gardens & Gardening is to promote and exchange information about home gardening.  Everyone is welcome to participate, especially the novice gardener. Topics will include vegetable gardens, herbs, flowers, ornamental gardening, container gardening, and so on.

Number Of Subscribers: 450+ Number Of Meassages/week: 1000 Moderated: no

Contact: Bob Crovo (

Other Information:



Discussion List Name: HERB

List Address: List address (for messages): HERB@TREARN List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@TREARN

Scope & Subject: Medicinal and aromatic plants discussion list. This list is dedicated to all aspects of plants in biological and medicinal use.

Number Of Subscribers: 182 Number Of Meassages/week: 13 Moderated: no

Contact: Esra Delen ESRA@TREARN ;Suleyman Aydin TBAM@TRAN

Other Information: This list is semi-officially supported by the  ANADOLU  UNIVERSITY  MEDICINAL PLANTS RESEARCH CENTRE (TBAM), 26470  ESKISEHIR / TURKEY”  Tlf-Net:+90 (22) 150580 ext.3661  Fax-Net:+90 (22) 150127  Bitnet: TBAM at tranavm2  d54 at tranavm1



Discussion List Name: HORT-L

List Address: HORT-L@VTVM1 for BITNET and HORT-L@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU for Internet Scope & Subject: consumer horticulture information Va Tech Horticulture Dept. – Monthly Releases

Number Of Subscribers: 169 Number Of Meassages/week: n/a Moderated: no


Other Information:   HORT-L is a database of information on consumer  horticulture and not a bulletin board type of  program, so subscribers cannot send messages  to one another.




Discussion List Name: LACTACID

List Address:

Scope & Subject: Lactic Acid Bacteria Forum for information exchange and discussions on the biology and uses of lactic acid bacteria for the health of humans and animals (e.g.probiotics), oral immunization, preservation of foods (fermented foods, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meat, starchy substrates), animal feeds (silage), polysaccharides (e.g. dextran), etc.

Number Of Subscribers:  Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated:


Other Information:



Discussion List Name: NEWCROPS

List Address: Send subscription requests to Bitnet: LISTSERV@PURCCVM

Scope & Subject: New crops discussion list

Number Of Subscribers: 39 Number Of Meassages/week: ? Moderated: No

Contact: SIMON@PURCCVM (Anna Whipkey)

Other Information:

Discussion List Name: ORCHIDS

List Address: See Below

Scope & Subject: This unmoderated list was created to share and discuss information and experiences of orchid growers. The discussions will include, but not be restricted to:  Discussion of types grown; Cultivation techniques of certain types; Orchid Society events; Helpful orchid tips to assist growers; Scientific, biological issues relating to orchid growth;  Seeding and propagating techniques; hybrids and hybridizing; Anything that would be of interest to orchid growers. To subscribe to the list:  Send a mail message (MAIL only) to MAILSERV@SCU.BITNET (BITNET) or  MAILSERV@SCUACC.SCU.EDU (Internet). The first line of the message body should include the TEXT line:  SUBSCRIBE ORCHIDS  The subject: line is ignored by Mailserv. A short introduction and some instructions will be sent to you as a confirmation of the addition of your name to the list.

Number Of Subscribers: 150 Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated: no


Other Information:



Discussion List Name: OTS-L

List Address: List address (for messages): List address (for commands, subscription, etc.):

Scope & Subject: Items related to the Organization for Tropical Studies and to tropical terrestrial/stream research in general.

Number Of Subscribers: 110 Number Of Meassages/week: 3 Moderated: no


Other Information: Phillip Sollins <>  Associate Professor  <>  Forest Science Dept. <>  Oregon State Univ. Tel: 503-737-6582  Corvallis, OR 97331-5705 Fax: 503-737-1393



Discussion List Name: RURALAM

List Address: List address (for messages): RURALAM@MSU.BITNET or RURALAM@MSU.EDU List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@MSU.BITNET

Scope & Subject: Issues in Rural Development in the U.S. A newly created list for topics in rural development. Topics include project management, project sustainability, policy, leadership development, training of local government officials, and institutional support. This list has just started, and so is in the beginning stages of subscribing members.

Number Of Subscribers: 110 Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated: no

Contact: Shawn Lock, 22331MOM@MSU.BITNET, 22331MOM@MSU.EDU

Other Information: Department of Resource Development  323 Natural Resources Bldg.  East Lansing, MI 48824-1222  517-326-1866



Discussion List Name: VETCAI-L

List Address: Send subscription requests to Bitnet: LISTSERV@KSUVM


Number Of Subscribers: 112 Number Of Meassages/week: ? Moderated: ?


Other Information:



Discussion List Name: VETINFO

List Address: (for messages): UCDCVDLS (for commands, subscription, etc.): UCDCVDLS

Scope & Subject: This list has been created to stimulate discussion in the area of Informatics, with special reference to the field of Veterinary Medicine. Related topics include Clinical decision support systems, laboratory information management, imaging, disease nomenclature and coding systems, expert systems, knowledge bases, etc. Discussions related to specific hardware and software implementations are welcome as well as approaches to specific approaches to challenges in veterinary informatics.

Number Of Subscribers:  Number Of Meassages/week: Moderated:


Other Information: University of California  Information Systems School of Veterinary Medicine  California Veterinary Diagnostic P.O. Box 1770  Laboratory System Davis, CA 95617  jcase@ucdcvdls.bitnet (916)752-440



Discussion List Name: VETMED-L

List Address: List address (for messages): VETMED-L@UGA List address (for commands, subscription, etc.): LISTSERV@UGA

Scope & Subject: Anything related to Veterinary Medicine.

Number Of Subscribers: 180 Number Of Meassages/week: 1 Moderated: no

Contact: HAROLD@UGA (Harold Pritchett)

Other Information:



Note: The following instructions for using Almanac and listserv were excerpted with permission from EXPLORING INTERNET: An Extension Agents’ Introduction to Networking.


Mailing groups, forums, discussion groups, and listservers are special interest groups where questions or issues are sent to the group via e-mail. Members of the group discuss the topic while all members observe the dialog.  Some lists are more active than others and after subscribing to a list you may  receive few or dozens of e-mail messages weekly. Mailing groups are available

through Almanac. Listservers are available through Internet and BITNET.


It’s recommended that if you subscribe to a group or list that you have a personal e-mail account. Remember when you reply to a question posted by a member, your message is placed in the mailbox of every member of the group.


Another type of mailing group available is a “server.” Almanac servers are designed for one-way communications only.  They are typically used by an author to distribute newsletters or news releases. * Do not send mail to Almanac mailing group servers.


HOW TO: Subscribe to an Almanac Mailing Group


1.  Send an e-mail message to OR OR

* Each site maintains a Mailing List Catalog for their location.


2.  In the body of your message type the following:

send mail-catalog

* The Mailing List Catalog describes the mailing groups available at that site.

* Items designated as “servers” are reserved for one-way  communications. Subscribing to a “server” list is similar to signing up for to a newspaper or magazine subscription.  As new information is published you will receive a copy in your e-mail box.

* Items designated as “forums” are  discussion groups or interest groups.


3.  Send an e-mail message to the Almanac site where the mailing  group you wish to join is located.


4.  In the body of your message type the following: subscribe and   the name of the group. For example to subscribe to Ag A.M. you  would type the following: subscribe usda.agam





Almanac services at Extension Service, Oregon State University as of   January 27, 1993.  The following information is extracted from the mail-catalog for this almanac site.

To get information: send your message to  almanac@oes.orst.ed

Note that there are also hundreds of “Market News” reports that can be subscribed to.  For a list:

send market-news catalog


Address:  alm-news-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Informal newsletter informing Almanac users of new feature in the Oregon Extension Service’s Almanac server.  This  group deals only with OES’s instantiation of Almanac.

Archive:   send alm-news-mg catalog


Address:  extech-mg

Type:     Forum

Description:  Discussion group for personnel of Extension Services around  the country who are interested in solving problems through the application of information technologies.

Archive:  send extech-mg catalog


Address:  fdmktnews-mg

Type:     Server

Description: Newsletter on the trends and prices of food  commodities. Written by Mary Mennes of the University of Wisconsin and distributed nationally through Oregon  State University Extension.

Archive:  send fdmktnews-mg catalog


Address:  agam-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Summary of the day’s agricultural news appearing in major newspapers and magazines. Produced daily by the Office of Public Affairs, USDA. Copyright restrictions limit distribution of this information only to employees of Oregon State University.

Archive:  send agam-mg catalog


Address:  usda-press-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Press releases produced by the Office of Public Affairs, USDA.

Archive:  send usda-press-mg catalog


Address:  cur-dev-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Weekly newsletter of Dr. Myron Johnsrud, Administrator, ES/USDA.


Address:  farmbill-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Press releases and other information relating to the 1991 farmbill. Information originates at ES/USDA.

Address:  sanet-mg

Type:     Forum

Description:  Mailing list for the discussion of information about  sustainable agriculture information dissemination.

Archive:  send sanet-mg catalog


Address:  cite-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Electronic newsletter of the Communication Information and Technology unit of Extension Service/Department of Agriculture.


Address:  nuggets-mg

Type:         Forum

Description:  Monthly discussions for Extension Forestry.

Archive:  send ext nuggets-mg catalog


Address:  weather-or-mg

Type:     Server

Description:  Daily Oregon weather report.  This is the wire report from the  National Weather Service.  The report is sent out at approximately 8:15am every day.  The information is courtesy of OSU’s Atmopheric Sciences Department.



Almanac services at  Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina State University as of August 3, 1992.  The following information is extracted from the mail-catalog for this almanac site.

Send commands and requests to  This is anew almanc site.


Address: exttrain

Type:    Forum

Description: Discussion group for personnel of Extension Services around the country who are interested in computer support and  training issues.


Address: wetnet

Type:    National

Description: Water quality management distribution mail list.



 Almanac services at Purdue University,  Cooperative Extension Service

,  Last Updated: November 24, 1992.

The following information is extracted from the mail-catalog for this almanac site. Send commands and requests to


Address:    accent_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Forum for information exchange regarding  the  Accent  training  program.

Archive:    send accent_mg catalog


Address:    acs_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Members of the Agricultural Communication Service Department.  Includes all staff.  Maintained by  Judy  Walling  and Philip Peleties.

Archive:    send acs_mg catalog


Address:    acs_trng_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Members  of  Agricultural  Communication   Service   Department interested  in  learning more about computer use and networking  services.

Archive:    send acs_trng_mg catalog


Address:    ag_in_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural Communication.   It  includes all County AGRICULTURAL Agents in the Purdue  Cooperative  Extension  Service  and  those  campus specialists  who  have  subscribed.   County  addresses in this mailing group consist of the 10 ag_area_mg names.  To reach  ag  agents  in  specific  geographic  areas  of  Indiana and campus specialists, the following mailing groups are maintained:

ag_area1_mg  ag_area2_mg  ag_area3_mg  ag_area5_mg  ag_area6_mg

ag_area7_mg ag_area8_mg ag_area9_mg ag_area10_mg ag_area11_mg


Address:    alm_syslog_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mailing group for  almanac  updates.  Supposedly,  whenever  an  almanac  update is made, the individual who has made the change should send an e-mail to alm_syslog_mg stating the changes.

Archive:    send alm_syslog_mg catalog


Address:    asap_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mailing group for members of a National Extension Service  Task Force  called  Agricultural Strategic Action Plan (ASAP). It is used by the members  to  communicate  with  each  other.  Local contact is David Petritz (

Archive:    send asap_mg catalog


Address:    browse_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Volunteers who have agreed to  test  e-mail  browsing  software  being  developed  for  a  USDA  Extension  Service  project  by Agricultural Communication Service.




Address:    cd_in_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural Communication.   It  includes  all County COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Agents in the Purdue Cooperative Extension  Service  and  those campus  specialists  who  have subscribed.  County addresses in    this mailing group consist of  the  10  cd_area_mg  names.   To  reach community development agents in specific geographic areas of Indiana and campus specialists, the following mailing groups  are maintained:

cd_area1_mg  cd_area2_mg  cd_area3_mg  cd_area5_mg  cd_area6_mg

cd_area7_mg  cd_area8_mg  cd_area9_mg cd_area10_mg cd_area11_mg  cd_state_mg

Archive:    send cd_in_mg catalog


Address:    ced_in_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural Communication.   It  includes all County Extension Directors in the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service.  County addresses  in this  mailing  group  consist  of the 10 ced_area_mg names.  To reach county directors in specific geographic areas of  Indiana the following mailing groups are maintained:

ced_area1_mg     ced_area2_mg     ced_area3_mg     ced_area5_mg

ced_area6_mg     ced_area7_mg     ced_area8_mg     ced_area9_mg

ced_area10_mg ced_area11_mg

Archive:    send ced_in_mg catalog


Address:    cerf_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Selected Purdue County Extension  offices  who  are  testing  a search  program  called  Cooperative  Extension  Reference File (CERF)

Archive:    send cerf_mg catalog


Address:    commgnt_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Agricultural Communication leaders in the land grant system and U.S.  Department  of  Agriculture.   Used to exchange ideas and find national resources to support communication and technology programs

Archive:    send commgnt_mg catalog


Address:    dairy_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mailing list for the discussion  of  information  important  to Extension county and campus staff and faculty involved in dairy education.   Maintained  by  Tim   Johnson,   Extension   dairy specialist located at Fort Wayne campus.

Archive:    send dairy_mg catalog





Address:    dist_dir_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural Communication.   It  includes  all  District  Directors  in the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service.

Archive:    send dist_dir_mg catalog


Address:    ed_media_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Members of Educational Media  Task  Force  who  are  developing recommendations  for  the  long  range communication efforts of  Purdue Agriculture.

Archive:    send ed_media_mg catalog


Address:    ed_media_sp_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Members of Educational  Media  Task  Force  Strategic  Planning sub-committee.

Archive:    send ed_media_sp_mg catalog


Address:    ed_media_td_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Members  of  Educational  Media   Task   Force   Tracking   and  Distribution sub-committee.

Archive:    send ed_media_td_mg catalog


Address:    esp_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion group  for  the  Extension  Specialists  Association  Officers.    Maintained   by   Tom   Tate   at  ES-USDA  email:

Archive:    send esp_mg catalog


Address:    fact_mg

Type:       Server

Description:    Mailing list of the members of the Extension System, USDA  FACT Implementation Committee members.  Used by committee members to  communicate  with  each  other,  prepare  reports  and  discuss issues.  Maintained by Eldon Fredericks

Archive:    send fact_mg catalog


Address:    fact_work_mg

Type:       Server

Description:    Mailing list for members of the  Extension  System,  USDA  FACT  work  group.   Used  by members to communicate with each other.  Maintained by Eldon Fredericks

Archive:    send fact_work_mg catalog


Address:    farm_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared  by  Don  Pershing,  Purdue  Agricultural  Economist.  It includes all Farm Resource and Management (FARM) agents.

Archive:    send farm_mg catalog


Address:    garden_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion group for garden material.

Archive:    send garden_mg catalog


Address:    hd_course_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Forum  for  class  discussion  organized   by   Rose   Coppola. (Rose_Coppola@acn)

Archive:    send hd_course_mg catalog


Address:    he_core_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    he_core_mg  is  a  group  of  Extension  Home  Economists   and  Specialists   representing   all   subject   matter  areas  and geographic regions in the State that give program direction and set  policy  for  the  Extension  Home  Economics  program. Ann Hancook is the chairman of this group.

Archive:    send he_core_mg catalog


Address:    he_in_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural  Communication.   It  includes all County HOME ECONOMISTS in the Purdue Cooperative Extension  Service  and  those  campus  home  economics specialists who have subscribed.  County addresses in  this mailing group consist of  the  10  he_area_mg  names.   To   reach  home  economists in specific geographic areas of Indiana and  campus  specialists,  the  following  mailing  groups  are    maintained:

he_area1_mg  he_area2_mg  he_area3_mg  he_area5_mg  he_area6_mg

he_area7_mg  he_area8_mg  he_area9_mg he_area10_mg he_area11_mg


Archive:    send he_in_mg catalog


Address:    nacaa_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion  group  for  the  National  Association  of   County  Agricultural  Professionals.   Addresses  are maintained by Tom Tate (

Archive:    send nacaa_mg catalog


Address:    nae4ha_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion group for the National Association of Extension  4-H  Professionals.    Addresses   are   maintained   by   Tom  Tate  (

Archive:    send nae4ha_mg catalog



Address:    naehe_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion group for the National Association of Extension Home   Economics  Professionals.  Addresses are maintained by Tom Tate (

Archive:    send naehe_mg catalog


Address:    nat_listen_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Discussion group created to provide information and  an  agenda for   a   National   Extension   System  Video  Staff  Meeting.  Maintained by Eldon fredericks.

Archive:    send nat_listen_mg catalog


Address:    ncanr_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mailing  group  which  includes   the   Cooperative   Extension  Service’s  Ag  and  Natural  Resources  Program Leaders who are located in the North Central Region.  The  list  also  includes ES/USDA Deputy Administrators for these two program areas.

Archive:    send ncanr_mg catalog


Address:    ohio_sfr

Type:       Server

Description:    This mailing list is  used  to  send  out  Indiana  State  Fair   results  to  the  Counties  in  Indiana, during the State Fair. This mailing group automatically recieves the County State Fair  results   and   automatically   sends  the  results  to  anyone  subscribed to this mailing group.

Archive:    send ohio_sfr catalog


Address:    other_sfr

Type:       Server

Description:    This mailing  list  is  used  by  the  counties  for  reporting  problems in using almanac during the state fair.

Archive:    send other_sfr catalog


Address:    programs_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mail  group   prepared   by   Philip   Peleties,   Agricultural Communication   Department.    It   includes   information  for  transferring  Computer  Application  Programs  from  campus  to  County  Extension  Offices.   Initial  interest has been in the area of Animal Science programs with Dale  Forsyth  taking  the  leadership.

Archive:    send programs_mg catalog






Address:    wq_advisory_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    This mailing group consists of the  committee  of  State  Water Quality Coordinators that advise the Project Team on procedures and    directions    for    the    National    Water    Quality Bibliography/Database project.

Archive:    send wq_advisory_mg catalog


Address:    wq_all_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    This list includes any Extension staff member with an  interest  in  the  National  Water Quality issues.  Mailing to this group also  includes  the  addresses  of  the  Water  Quality   State Extension Coordinators.

Archive:    send wq_all_mg catalog


Address:    wq_coord_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Extension staff members who have a responsibility for Extension  Water  Quality programs in their state.  Includes staff members of the Extension  Service,  USDA.   List  maintained  by  Eldon Fredericks and Cathy Burwell

Archive:    send wq_coord_mg catalog


Address:    wq_hua_mg

Type:    Forum

Description:    Extension staff members across  the  country  involved  in  the  hydrologic  unit  demonstration  projects sponsered by ES-USDA.  List maintained by Eldon Fredericks

Archive:    send wq_hua_mg catalog


Address:    wq_in_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Mail group prepared by  Cathy  Burwell,  Purdue  Water  Quality Information   Management   Specialist.    It   includes  county  Extension staff with water quality responsibilities.


Address:    x11_training_mg

Type:       Forum

Description:    Forum for  information  exchange  regarding  the  X11  training program.

Archive:    send x11_training_mg catalog


Address:    youth_in_mg

Type:       Server and Forum

Description:    Mailing list prepared by Eldon Fredericks, Purdue  Agricultural  Communication.   It  includes  all  County  YOUTH Agents in the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service and all 4-H  Youth  campus specialists.  County addresses in this mailing group consist of  the 10 youth_area_mg names.  To reach youth agents in  specific geographic   areas  of  Indiana  and  campus  specialists,  the following mailing groups are maintained:

youth_area1_mg  youth_area2_mg  youth_area3_mg   youth_area5_mg

youth_area6_mg   youth_area7_mg  youth_area8_mg  youth_area9_mg

youth_area10_mg youth_area11_mg youth_state_mg

Archive:    send youth_in_mg catalog



Almanacservices at  Cooperative Extension Service, Washington, DC.

Last Updated:  December 15, 1992

This information is extracted from the mai-catalog from this almanac server.  Commands and requests should be sent to


Address: usda.diversity

Type:    forum

Description:   This mailing group forum is for the discussion and dissemination  of information about program and audience diversity within the Extension Service.  Formation of the mailing group was requested by the Extension Service Diversity Conference Committee.

Contact: Pat Calvert,


Address:  cite-jobs-mg

Type:     Announcements

Description:    Job Bank Bulletin is a service of the CITExtension Newsletter  from the Communication, Information, and Technology staff,  Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It is meant  to disseminate notices of available positions throughout the        Extension System, with particular attention to positions in all  fields related to communication/information/technology.  To submit vacancy announcements, send via e-mail to DO NOT SEND DIRECTLY TO THIS GROUP

Contact:  Jodi Horigan,


Address:  usda.announce

Type:     Announcements

Description:    Announcements of new newsgroups, publication, and  assorted ES-USDA publications. If you want to be made aware of changes in at ES-USDA, subscribe to this group.


Address:  usda.agam

Type:     Server

NOTE:     This is for USDA Personnel ONLY. Unless you can be verified, you will not be added to the subscription list.

Description:    Summary of the day’s agricultural news appearing  in major newspapers and magazines. Produced  daily by the Office of Public Affairs, USDA.


Address:  usda.cdev

Type:     Server

Description:    Current Developments is a weekly newsletter from   the Administrator, ES-USDA, to state Extension   Directors and Administrators.  Content focuses   on matters of national significance to all partners   in the Cooperative Extension System.



Address:  usda.cite

Type:   Server

Description:    CITExtension is a semi-monthly newsletter from   the Communication, Information, and Technology   (CIT) staff of ES-USDA.  Aimed primarily at state   counterparts in all areas of communications  and technology, there is much useful information  about technological advances inside and outside   the Cooperative Extension System, as well as items   about writing and editing (word usage, grammar,   punctuation, structure), desktop publishing, video   and audio teleconferencing, computer hardware  and software, workshops, conferences, and other   subjects of general interest, with a   communications/technology slant.


Address:  usda.inside

Type:     Server

Description:    Denver Browning’s famous INSIDE INFORMATION. This is  being made available to Internet sites.



Type:     Server

Description:    Articles from the USDA Office of Public Affairs that  is produced by Stan Prohaska that deals with Global changes.


Address:  usda.biofuel

Type:     Server

Description:    Articles from the USDA Office of Public Affairs that  is produced by Stan Prohaska that deals with biofuels


Address:  usda.farmbill

Type:     Server

Description:    Press releases and other information relating to the 1991  farmbill. Information originates at ES/USDA.


Address:  usda.exec.notes

Type:     Server

Description:    Weekly newsletter from Claude Giffords Executive Notes. OPA/USDA.


Address:  usda.1890cc

Type:     Server

Description:    CES 1890 Computer Coordinators (managed by smiller)

Contact: (Shelia Millier, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  usda.rrdb

Type:     Server

Description:    Recent additions to the ES Research Results Database (RRDB).

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)




Address:  std.action

Type:     Server

Description:    Official communications of the ES/CES National Information Technology Standards Management Committee (NITSMC).

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)




Style:    Forum

Description:    Public discussions related to the activities of NITSMC.  Message related to specific NITSMC standard practices should  be directed to the forum mailer for the standard in  question.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  std.es1.action

Style:    Server

Description:    Official communications of NITSMC working group ES1,   Encoding of Electronic Documents.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)



Style:    Forum

Description:    Public discussions related to NITSMC working group ES1,  Encoding of Electronic Documents.  NOTE:  All subscribers to will be automatically  added to std.es1.action.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  std.es2.action

Style  :  Server

Description:    Official communications of NITSMC working group ES2,  Digital Data File Exchange via National Networks.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)



Style  :  Forum

Description:    Public discussions related to NITSMC working group ES2,  Digital Data File Exchange via National Networks.  NOTE:  All subscribers to will be automatically  added to std.es2.action.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  std.es4.action

Style  :  Server

Description:    Official communications of NITSMC working group ES4,   Archiving Educational Materials in All Media.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)



Style  :  Forum

Description:    Public discussions related to NITSMC working group ES4,  Archiving Educational Materials in All Media.  NOTE:  All subscribers to will be automatically  added to std.es4.action.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  usda.dvm

Type:     Server

Description:    The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information relating   to veterinary medicine, science and agriculture which may include:  grants from USDA-ES; FDA/EPA/USDA regulations and changes; industry   news; food safety and quality updates; meetings; employment   opportunities and scientific news.

Contact:  Bonnie Buntain, DVM, MS National Program Leader Veterinary Medicine


Address:  usda.fenews

Type:     Server

Description:    Family Economics News, a monthly newsletter published by  Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; written for  Cooperative Extension System educators working with family economics,   family resource management, and consumer education topics; contains  research abstracts, details about new Extension educational  materials, and updates of activities of the Federal Extension partner.


Address:  famnet

Type:   Forum

Description:    FAMNET is a discussion group for Extension Specialists interested in  programs and issues related to families, children, and youth.  The  purpose of FAMNET is to facilitate timely communications between and  among Extension Specialists.  FAMNET would include:  timely  dissemination of information on calls for proposals from from other  federal agencies, sharing of research, evaluation methods or data,  resource materials, data on families issues or trends, public policy  issues, comming events, etc.  Specialists would also be able to share  plans for new programs and seek others to network with in the  developmental process.

Contact: (Ron Daly, USDA ES HEHN)


Address:  frm-talk

Type:     Forum

Description:    Discussion of issues related to Family Resource management.



Address:  ers-reports

Type:     Server

Description:    Subscription list for agricultural Situation and Outlook Reports  published several times per month by the US Department of   Agriculture Economic Research Service (ERS).  The reports   circulated to this address contain the full text of the paper   reports, but may be missing tables, graphs and illustrations.  In such cases, the electronic document includes instructions for  requesting the hard-copy version.

Contact: (Steven R. Conn, USDA ES CIT)


Address:  indian-net

Type:     Server

Description:    To accelerate and improve communications between Cooperative Extension Indian programs around the nation. Initially will be tested with 28 CES indian educational programs.  As more indian sites get access to Internet email, they will be  added to this service.






Server Information: Name=CYFER-net USDA ES Gopher Server.

Type=1   Port=70   Path=

Description: (from introductory document)


CYFER-net and USDA ES Gopher

Welcome to the United States Department of Agriculture Children Youth Family Education Research Network (CYFER-net) and the Extension Service Gopher Server.

This server is set up to provide access to the information from the USDA Extension Service and the National Agriculture Library. It is still under construction and will be changing as it becomes more defined.

This gopher server is maintained by the USDA Extension Service. If you are interested in submitting information to the CYFER-net/ES gopher server please contact

Sample Screens:

CYFER-net USDA ES Gopher Server.


1.  About the CYFER-NET/ES-USDA Gopher.

2.  Extension Service USDA Information/

3.  Children Youth Family Education Research Network (CYFER-net)/

4.  Cooperative Extension System: Information Servers /

5.  Information About Gopher/

6.  Libraries/

7.  Other Federal Agencies/

8.  Other Gopher and Information Servers/

9.  public/


Extension Service USDA Information (from 2. above)

Welcome to the Extension Service U. S. Department of Agriculture Gopher Server.  Please send any questions or comments to:


Extension Service, USDA (ES) is the federal partner of the Cooperative Extension System (CES), a public-funded, nonformal, educational system that links the education and research resources

and activities of the USDA, 74 Land-Grant Universities, and 3,150county administrative units.


This server is set up to provide access to information from the Extension Service, USDA (ES) and other Science & Technology agencies with the USDA organization. It also includes other information related to the mission of the Cooperative Extension System.  Our gopher is divided into the following categories:

3. FYI…               – Administrative info from and related to ES.

4. National Init…     – Information about the current major and complex

4. National Init…     – Information about the current major and complex  societal issues on which CES is focused.

5. Ed. Base Prog…     – Information about the major educational projects which are central to CES’s mission.

6. Strategic Direc…   – Emerging issues at CES, especially relating to Distance Education and information technologies.

7. Info Servers,CES..   – CES Gophers and telnet sites; also info about Almanac, an e-mail information server.

8. Internet Services..  – Internet resources and documents about the Internet.

9. Other USDA/Gov’t…  – Contains info from and pertaining to other agencies  within the USDA and also info from both Congress and the White House




Server Information:  Name=Minnesota Extension Service gopher (Children Youth & Family Consortium Clearinghouse)

Type=1  Port=70  Path=

Descrition: (from gopher server)

CEC: About Consortium:

The Children, Youth, and Family Consortium was established in fall 1991 in an effort to bring together the varied competencies of the University of Minnesota and the vital resources of Minnesota’s communities to enhance the ability of individuals and organizations to address critical health, education, and social policy concerns in ways that improve the well-being of Minnesota children, youth, and families.

Sample Screens:

Minnesota Extension Service gopher

1.  Welcome to Children Youth & Family Consortium Clearinghouse.

2.  Help & Introduction to Using the Consortium Clearinghouse/

3.  Children, Youth & Family Consortium/

4.  Brochures, Newsletters & Short Articles/

5.  Literature Reviews/

6.  Statistical Information/

7.  People/

8.  Services and Programs/

9.  Announcements & Calendar/

10. Bibliographies and Other Resource Lists/

11. Gateways to Other Electronic Resources/

12. E-Mail/

13. Interactive Bulletin Board/


Server Information: Name=North Carolina CES gopher server

Type=1  Port=70  Path=

Description:  (from gopher server)


Welcome to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service’s Gopher Server


This gopher server is maintained by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.  You may search for, retrieve, mail and print documents.


Telnet services are provided to other CES and NCSU information servers. In addition, many of the documets maintained on this server are now available via almanac.  For more information on this service send a message to and place the following line in the document:

send guide

You may also want to request a copy of the primary almanac catalog by including the line:

send catalog

Please feel free to mail any comments to

Sample Screens:

North Carolina CES gopher server

1.  About the NC Cooperative Extension Gopher Server….

2.  Cooperative Extension and USDA Information Servers/

3.  Extension Software Catalogs/

4.  Governmental Information/

5.  Happenings!, NCSU’s Campus Wide Information Server <TEL>

6.  NCSU Computing Center’s Gopher Server/

7.  NCSU Library’s Gopher Server/

8.  National Weather Service Forecasts/

9.  Network Tools/

10. Other Information Servers…/

11. Subject Matter Study Areas/

12. Xmosaic Space – (Hyptext media for Xmosaic).



Server Information: Name=Agriculture and Biology

Type=1  Port=70  Path=1/library/disciplines/agriculture

Description:  Agriculture and Biology study carrol  from  NCSU’s  “Library Without Walls”

Sample Screens:

1.  Advanced Technology Information Network (ATI-NET) <TEL>

2.  Arabidopsis Research Companion, Mass Gen Hospital/Harvard/

3.  Australian National Botanic Gardens/

4.  BIO – Directory for Biological Sciences at NSF/

5.  BIOFTP EMBnet Switzerland/

6.  Clemson University Forestry and Agricultural Network <TEL>

7.  Duke Botany Dept. Chlamydomonas Genetics Center/

8.  EcoGopher at the University of Virginia/

9.  EnviroGopher/

10. Finnish EMBnet BioBox/

11. Fossil software (DOS)/

12. ICGEBnet/

13. INN, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)/

14. IUBio Biology Archive, Indiana University (experimental)/

15. Images Animals and Plants/

16. Libraries with Extensive collections in Agriculture/

17. Master Gardener Information (from Texas Agr. Extension Service)/

18. Museum of Paleontology Gopher/

19. NC Cooperative Extension Service/

20. Not Just Cows by Wilfred Drew.

21. OCEANIC – Ocean Information Center <TEL>

22. PENpages <TEL>


24. Search Agricultural Market News <?>

25. Search Arabidopsis thaliana Genome <?>

26. Search Geographic Name Server by City or ZIP code <?>

27. Search Mendelian Inheritance in Man <?

28. Search Research Results Database from US Department of Agricult.. <?>

29. Search USDA Current Research Information System (USDACRIS) <?>

30. Search Water Quality database from US Cooperative Extension Sys.. <?>

31. Search messages on the BioSci Arabidopsis Genome Electronic Con.. <?>

32. Social Sciences in Forestry, U of Minnesota/

33. Texas Agr. Extension Service Publications/

34. UNCED/




Server Information: Name=Purdue’s Gopher Server

Type=1  Port=70  Path=

Description:  (from gopher server)

About the Purdue Cooperative Extension Gopher Site

This is the Cooperative Extension Management System’s (CEMS) Gopher site at  the Agricultural Communication Service of Purdue University, W. Lafayette,  Indiana 47907, USA.

Comments, suggestions, and questions should be e-mailed to

If you need to talk to a human being, contact Eldon Fredericks  (317) 494-8679 or  Philip Peleties (317) 494-7924

Sample Screens:  Main Screen

Purdue’s Gopher Server

1.  About Purdue University/

2.  About the Purdue Cooperative Extension Gopher Site (Plain).

3.  About the Purdue Cooperative Extension Gopher Site (Hypertext).

4.  This Information Server/

5.  Other Information Servers at Purdue/

6.  Other Information Servers Elsewhere/

7.  What is the Weather Like?.

8.  What time is it?.


This Information Server

1.  Agriculture/

2.  Anonymous FTP Site (Organized for Gopher)/

3.  Anonymous FTP Site (

4.  CERF <TEL>

5.  Current News/

6.  Demo/

7.  Environment/

8.  Extension E-mail Addresses.

9.  Extension Publications Catalog/

10. Family and Youth/

11. House and Home/

12. Lawn and Garden/

13. People/

14. Problem of This Week/

15. Rural Development/




Server Information:  Name=Texas Agricultural Extension Service gopher

Type=1  Port=70  Path=

Description:   (from gopher server)

This Gopher is run by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) as a public service to the Cooperative Extension Service and its Clientele.

We are essentially “under construction” at this time. Not much has yet been added, but we have grandiose plans for expansion. . .

For assistance, contact Paul M. Sittler (409) 845-9689

Please enjoy your stay. . .

Sample Screes:

Texas Agricultural Extension Service gopher

1.  About this Gopher.

2.  About TAEX/

3.  TAEX Publications/

4.  TAEX Software Catalog/

5.  Master Gardener Information/

6.  InterNet information/

7.  Veronica (Archie’s friend)/

8.  Other Gopher Servers/





Server Information: Name=University of Wisconsin Extension

Type=1  Port=70  Path=1/UW Extension


Sample screens:

University of Wisconsin Extension

1.  *GuideBooks – InterNet, email, ftp, telnet, &c./

2.  Ag Journalism Press Releases.

3.  Bringing the World into the Classroom.

4.  Community Resource Guides/


6.  DEOSNEWS, Volume 2, Number 21.

7.  DEOSNEWS, Volume 2, Number 23.

8.  Disaster Management (Distance Education Center)/

9.  Distance Education (UseNet NewsGroup)/

10. E-Journals (StrangeLove).

11. Elisa-posti.

12. Engineering Outreach Program/

13. HUT-CCE/

14. IACEE – Int’l Assoc for Continuing Engineering Education/

15. InfoSource/

16. InterNet – Computer Mediated Communications/

17. InterNet Explorer’s ToolKit.

18. InterNet Society

19. Johdanto/

20. Journal of Extension/

21. Journal of Extension (the real stuff).

22. NTU UpLink/

23. New InterNet User – FAQ/

24. OnLine Chronicles Distance Ed & Communication + Other Distance Ed ../

25. OutReach <===> Summer ’92 Catalog/

26. Public TV Listings/

27. Satellite DownLink Programs (Wisconsin).

28. Selected Internet Resources (in progress)/

29. S{hk|postiosoitteet.

30. Teleconference Times/

31. Toward a Truly Global Network (Larry Press)/

32. UW System – A User’s Guide (PlaceHolder)/

33. Weather, PhoneBooks & Other Utilities/

34. WisSat – A User’s Guide (PlaceHolder)/

35. X.400-osoitekyselyt s{hk|postitse.

36. XGopher.resources.selkonen/

37. Ymparisto/

38. catscan/

39. fsf/




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